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  1. Not so sure that is acne. How long have you had it - and have you ruled out other skin ailments by seeing a dermatologist? Might want to get it checked out so you know what you are dealing with.
  2. Some of their products are pretty good - I liked their cleansing products fairly well - but my skin did not agree with all of it. The eye shadows, eyeliners - all that was just fine. Their foundation and my skin did NOT like each other. They tend to be heavy. I do good with their blushes, though. Good nail polish line (or it used to be anyway). I absolutely despised their eye make-up remover. The so called non-oily one. Hope that helps!
  3. kel, It's always difficult to figure out the culprit with acne - but I have definitely had issues with concealers over the years. The foundations and concealers that covered the best also messed with my skin the most. As hard at it was - I did notice less break outs when using lighter foundations and no concealer than with. I also suspected that the bacteria was getting on the concealer and then spreading to other areas. I started using a different finger for each spot and then washing my hands
  4. baking soda, huh? I use it for just about everything else but I've never used it for swollen eyes. My eyes swell from allergies and/or make-up being on too long. I keep some chilled bags of chamomile tea in the refrig for just such an occasion! Cucumber slices work fairly well, too. I have used store bought products under my eyes without success. However, a couple of years ago I started using virgin coconut oil or almond oil underneath my eyes as a moisturizer since I was getting fine lines aro
  5. Ladies - thanks for all the great feedback on the mineral make-up. I ordered some samples from Ennvoy Cosmetics - she might be brand new. I like it fine - but can't compare it with anything since I haven't tried any of the others (though I will soon go in debt trying them all out, I have no doubt). It's another company to add to the list of sites to check out. She doesn't seem to have as much variety as some of the others - implying she is new and hasn't built up her store completely or maybe s
  6. Ryan - I personally can't use Dove - I think the moisturizer in it and my skin don't agree with each other. Is Dove really a soap or a detergent, though? Most soaps are no longer soaps these days. However, with that said, the best product I ever used was Ivory soap over anything else. And I've tried all the store bought to the department store to the natural alternative stuff. Recently I bought a soap called Face Doctor that supposedly helps acne. I have noticed a distinct difference - but I li
  7. I'll have to check this honey thing out. I admit that I haven't heard of it. Sticky is never good when you have cats - just putting jojoba oil on my legs after a shower is inviting disaster with numerous cats. Besides, they know when I've showered and are delighted to "mark" me as theirs again. Talk about the hairy legs from hell syndrome. When it comes to odor - we each have our own issues. Someone else's perfume is a classic example of something we might find horrifically obnoxious. My mom lo
  8. Hey - just to reiterate that not everyone shows the same results. I mean, after all, it is possible the someone who says they cleared up in a week might only have had a few zits - and some of those who say they cleared up in one week are back in two weeks saying they broke out again. I can assure you from my own personal experience that my skin definitely breaks out less with bp than without. I've had to customize my regimen to me and how my skin reacts over the years, but I can also tell you t
  9. Hey Ladies - thanks for all the feedback. I'll have to print this thread just so I can read through and make some notes!! I truly appreciate all the info! Tam
  10. thatkid: I use baking soda as an exfoliator. After I put the cleanser on my face - I get baking soda on my hands and rub it into my skin (gently) then I wash the soap and baking soad off. I have also used a 50% water and 50% vinegar solution too. It was mainly for the red marks - it does seem to help but didn't seem to affect the acne in any way. However, if I have some scarring from acne I will use it in that area for awhile. It does have that strong odor so you may only want to use it at nig
  11. Court27 - oh, I know exactly what you are dealing with. Mine got much worse at 27 but I've found a few things that seemed to help. First off titanium dioxide is a mineral that is crushed or ground to create "color" like you see in foundation. If you REALLY want to know if you are sensitive to it then try mineral make up - it has no fillers, no talc, no dyes, no fragrance - just the colors needed for coverage. I've just discovered these myself and they appear to be radically different than normal
  12. court27: Mineral Oil is derived from petroleum products (like Vaseline). This is a skin protectant - if you were a burn victim you would want this because it would keep outside contaminants from infecting your open wounds. Now if you have oily skin and you then put this "cover" over your face - where is that oil going to go? This may not bother everyone. My skin is very sensitive to mineral oil. However, the macadamia nut oil you mention is a natural oil - like jojoba, kukui nut, grape seed, a
  13. Hi Mel, I live in the sweltering south of the southern U.S. We have strong heat and high humidity - and yes, it does affect my acne quite a bit. Unfortunately, I can't quite remember how to compare celsius versus fahrenheit - I think 23c is around 70-75f - if so, then yes that is a good temp. But our summers are more like 95-100f with 100% humidity. Extremely stifling. I've had several opportunities to be around areas that are more desert like - say Arizona - where the temps are incredibly hi
  14. Okay, look I smoked nearly a pack a day for years. My acne would flare up and go away. Sometimes I would have really bad flare ups. Then I cut way back on how much I smoked. My acne would flare up and go away. Sometimes I would have really bad flare ups. Then I simply quit smoking all together. My acne would flare up and go away. Sometimes I would have really bad flare ups. The good news is that I now save 100.00 a month or so not smoking so that I can spend it on a variety of acne products,
  15. Ashes - I am not certain of your age - so you may not have this problem. I got some samples from a derm when I went in for something else. I tried the samples before attempting to fill his prescrip because I wanted to see how it affected my skin. I react moderately well to bp as long as I use it quite sparingly. I used the differin on one lesion only for three days - it did help clear it up but it dried that area out and made it look red (I used this quite sparingly also). I noticed later that i