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  1. Yes! I broke the cycle of triclosan! Yay! A little bit about that. I went on disability from mid-June to the end of July because I had foot surgery. So I was out from work and my daily routine was really interrupted. As a result, I kinda...dodged away from my Regimen. I was on crutches, and everything got a lot more inconvenient for me, and I got lazy. For awhile, it wasn't too bad. I still put on my BP every so often, and I still washed my face twice a day, but...it just sorta fell by the w
  2. I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin. Some of my face is dry and some of my face is really oily, and it actually seems to strike a decent balance. It's really light and you can skim it over your face in a really thin, gel-like layer. It also claims to reduce shine, and I guess it makes you look a little more "matte". A little goes a really long way...I've had my bottle for over a year. Unfortunately I've never tried their Oil-Free Moisture with SPF 15, though it may be simila
  3. Wow! Look at me, coming back to acne.org after a year. Can you believe it? What happened to me? How could I just completely vanish off the face of the earth after I discovered something that changed my life? I just wanted to post in my journal one more time to maybe send a little bit of encouragement to folks who are just starting out. So here you go. In summer 2004, I started Dan's Regimen. For a year now, I've been following it faithfully, and my skin just continues to get better and better.
  4. Hi 300ZX and welcome to the forums! Hope you can find some help here. The Neutrogena Oil-Free wash can be brutal. It dries me out so bad--and I have non-sensitive, tough, oily skin. I would recommend a gentler cleanser (at least just to start out with.) Everybody's skin is different--but I'd recommend establishing a gentler Regimen until you know what your skin can tolerate. I like Clearasil Sensitive Skin Face Wash, because it really has nothing in it except a mild antibacterial agent, and i
  5. Burts Bees is delicious and I adore the feeling, but I suspect it breaking me out. It's loaded with coconut oil and beeswax, so it seems to block my pores. I'm actually on the lookout for a good noncomedogenic lip balm. Some people have suggested Aquaphor Healing Ointment or something similar...lots of Accutane users are into it, I guess. I've never had cheapo cosmetic lip gloss break me out, but I wear it very infrequently. I like some of Revlon's stuff and I have some Loreal Rouge Pulp th
  6. I think you look great. I've never really had problem skin (zits here and there, a frustrating breakout now and then) and I think your complexion looks a lot like mine. Like it was mentioned previously it looks like you might have some irritation, as opposed to red marks. I'm absolutely in love with alpha-hydroxy acid toner (the Proactiv one is the one I use too.) It eliminates my red marks so fast and makes my skin look fresher and healthier. Plus it makes my pores a little less horrifying.
  7. I'm NOT clear. Yeah, so I had a little breakout. None of the zits are very big, but they were there. Had a few of those tiny pinprick-sized blocked-raised-pore things on my chin (gone now), and I've got a zit on the side of my nose, one sort of in my eyebrow, and a popped one on my cheek. I was freaking out wondering what could have caused the breakout...but I think all of us overanalyze our acne...we try to find the cause, when there may be none or there may be too many to count. I think
  8. In the humid jungles of New Jersey this summer, my skin is a little more aggravated than it would be in cooler weather. Usually I don't get bad breakouts on my body, but once in awhile I'll have a smattering of little bumps across my back or arms, and it's annoying (especially in swimsuit weather!) So I picked up a bottle of Neutrogena Clear Body body wash--the kind that smells like citrusy mothballs--and it seems to work pretty well. A lot of the little bumps are gone. It's a 2% salicylic acid
  9. I have a similar little thing on my chin. Kinda follows the pattern--I popped it once, it went away, popped it again, it went away, etc, etc... FINALLY I got the big old chunk of hard gunk out of the pore and the zit didn't come back--but I had this nasty raised area. It didn't go away for weeks and weeks. It's slooowly been calming down thanks to daily use of a glycolic acid toner. It seems to calm down my skin like nothin' else. New red marks only last a few days now. Another idea--even if
  10. oooh! Ooh! Let me talk about me! Me me me! Morning: Noxzema. Yeah, the stuff made out of nothing but acid and oil. Hasn't made be break out yet. I love the smell, basically. Wouldn't ask anybody else to use it though. I use it because it removes every last trace of makeup, sunscreen, you name it. Hasn't dried out my skin or aggravated my acne, but I don't think it's recommended for use on the Regimen. I dunno. I like it. Glycolic acid/witch hazel toner. It's the stuff I got from my Proactiv
  11. I'm still a face-washing addict. I can't help it. It's not my fault that there's so many yummy cleansers out there. Even if they're fragrance free and gentle, they just feel so good. Toners CAN dry out your skin--often if they contain alcohol that's the culprit. Nothing works 100% for every person all the time, so try getting one without alcohol. I like toners with witch hazel, but again, that's what works for me... C&C sheets work on a different principle than washing. They don't sop up e
  12. Gahhh! I know how you feel. I have rather oily skin too and I have to really work to keep it under control. I used to be a lot more oily, but I learned a few simple tricks: - C&C Oil Absorbing Sheets. Dream come true. - This may seem counterintuitive, and maybe you've tried it, but try to break the cycle. Wash only a few times a day, not every few hours. Overwashing can eventually take away a little TOO much of your skin's oil, and even if your face doesn't get crusty and dry, it can trig
  13. I agree that there are some useless Neutrogena products, but the one I've tried that got me really clean was Liquid Neutrogena. It's got tons of glycerin to keep your face smooth and moisturized. It might not work for you, but you can pick it up for $5-7 a bottle just about anywhere and a little goes a long way. I had to actually stop using it because it moisturized just a little too much for me--but I've never had dry skin in my life, so it might be better for you. My only complaint about i
  14. I'M CLEAR!! For the first time since I was 11 years old, my face is completely clear of blemishes. I have a tiny little dot under my jawline that dried up into nothingness yesterday. I bought some Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF30 powder--my complexion looks FLAWLESS! I look airbrushed like a supermodel or something! I could take on the world! Oh my God, I'm clear. This is the clearest I have ever been! *dances wildly and runs around hysterically* What really tipped the balance--and I thi