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  1. I agree with this post 100%. Self pity is one of the worst things one could have when attempting to start any kind of relationship. I think you have to at the very least accept who you are and the hardships you're having to face in life. That's not to say you have to fake happiness and live a life in complete denial. No, I'm saying that you have to eventually accept - or at least try to accept that people go through things they don't want to go through and that suffering is an inevitable part of
  2. I know your pain all too well so I can definitely empathize. And I'm sorry you're having to deal with acne in high school, of all places. It must be very difficult considering the amount of importance high schoolers put into looks. I can only imagine how frustrating it is. It does get better however, and for all you know your acne could clear up sooner than you think. I'm sure you've been told this before but things do get better after you graduate. People grow up and aren't as naive and judgem
  3. I know your depression and hopelessness all too well, Jenny, and it's a crappy deal that you're going through that. And I'm sorry. Just stick through it though, and continue your current acne treatment. Focus on the things that do make you happy and not those that do not. Life has a tendency to bounce up and down - it's very sinusoidal in a way.
  4. How about the HEALTH issues associated with alcoholism? I also don't think he should be running away from his problems by finding another hobby, he sounds like he has serious social issues that need to be dealt with. I have a ceratain type of social anxiety, and if it is pushed off, it is not good at all. Social anxiety can ruin your whole life. You need friends and good relationships to be happy in life and being by yourself everyday is the last thing someone with social anxiety should do.
  5. Alcoholism only brings more misery and more pain, not only to yourself but to others as well. Think of your family, career, friends and girlfriend before you allow yourself to be consumed by alcohol. I've been around alcoholics all my life and I can tell you its not a happy ending. I suggest finding a hobby, getting in better shape, picking up a book and learning something, or doing something productive for society and for yourself. Maybe try volunteer work? Just whatever you do, please
  6. I know what you're feeling. I still deal with this even though I haven't had acne for years. I still have keloidal and rolling scars around my chin and on my neck that will never go away. My advice would be if you find yourself staring in a mirror under certain lighting and you don't like what you see, just stop looking. I know it's easy to obsess about how grotesque you may look in that situation, but you just have to over and look away. Your scarring will not disappear by staring at it but
  7. Wow man, sorry your pops is so misunderstanding about the acne issue. And as for summer, it'll suck if you let it.
  8. You're welcome. Why do you suppose you're all of a sudden being affected by acne? Did somebody say something hurtful to you? For me, when somebody said something nasty or made fun of my acne I typically went off the deep end. If that is the case with you, try to understand that the vast majority of people haven't a clue what its like. A lot of them don't realize the impact it has because they don't see it as serious an issue as we do.
  9. I strongly believe stress and too much skin treatment can make your skin worse. Before I went on Accutane my skin always seemed to do better with less application of all that stuff we put on. That's only an opinion, though. Hope you clear up! )
  10. Yes, get the job! There's nothing better than earning your keep through hard work and labor. Plus you'll be so busy working that it'll take your mind off of the acne. Kills two birds with one stone.
  11. Not sure if you want a reply or if you're just venting so I apologize if I give you unwanted advice. I know how sensitive a topic acne can be, let alone how hurtful it is when someone overlooks how serious an issue it really is. I use to hate when people saw it only as an idea to play around with and make jokes about. Yah, easy for them when they don't have it all over their faces. So, I understand your anger completely. You have to realize though that it's people's lack of understanding t
  12. I can feel the agony, rage and heartache in your post, and my sympathies go out to you, brother. You sound EXACTLY how I did six to seven years ago, so I know PRECISELY what you're going through. Like our good friend cl123 mentioned, you're not alone. Just know that there is hope in that acne isn't permanent and you can put an end to it. There's a wealth of knowledge on this site to help you achieve clear skin, and that's an understatement. In your battle with acne, I'd recommend going back t
  13. Thank you so much cvd, I appreciate that! I recall reading one of your previous topics concerning your constant struggle with acne. I can't even imagine having to deal with that for as long as you have. :( I'm not sure if you heard that after every course of Accutane there's less of a chance of it coming back, but don't quote me on that one. You probably want to give Paula's Choice a go if you haven't already. At any rate, gl and I really hope you find your solution soon.
  14. Oh, I'm sorry you have to deal with that. I know very well the depth to which acne can bring somebody. As I mentioned previously in another thread, one's beauty isn't dictated by his or her acne, imho. In fact, I never thought someone with acne was less attractive overall, even before I knew what it was to have it myself. I remember liking a girl in high school who had - from what I can remember - mild-severe acne. Plus I recently got out of a relationship with someone with bad acne, as well. Ne
  15. I definitely suggest stopping BP. When I used it it exacerbated my condition three-fold. It wasn't good joo joo, at all. What I do recommend is Johnson and Johnson Gentle Cleansing Wash. That's some good ol' stuff! It's really gentle and soap-free, too. I use it all the time.