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  1. Will, I remember you posted photos in the summer of your skin, that process is amazing! So sad about Jesse, I know how awful I felt after taking just antibiotics and what things they did to my head and body. Brilliant show and its nice to be out there and spoken about, we all suffer....
  2. I'm sure will who was on the programme has posted on her photos.....his skin looked fab!
  3. I had to stop Lymecycline, just over 4 weeks ago now. Antibiotics definitely don't agree with me. I had a lovely time with no spots, but how have you coped being on them for so long totally losing your appetite and that? you need a gold star!! I think I would rather have a spot hehe
  4. Wow, really good regime. I am looking into ways of clearing up my relatively mild acne with other products rather than medication. I have never heard of Nubian Heritage African black soap, might have to give that a try. Do Holland and Barrett or somewhere like that sell it? Thanks
  5. its like a vicious circle with me I start to feel better (was anemic caused by antibiotics for my skin) Want to sort out my skin, got another dose of antibiotics, now feel ill all the time. Rather have spots and feel 100% or have no spots and feel sick/ ill all the time....round, round, round I go....
  6. I only have to travel into london and the pollution causes me spots.... I think though unfortunately everyone is in such a big rush that no one would take note whether you have 2 eyes, a big nose, a massive spot..... I'd take more interest of making sure you know where your wallet is and watch where your walking, especially in Paris lots of dog poo
  7. Hi, Valentines day (of all days) I went private and saw a dermatologist at a private hospital I was given a prescription of Lymecyclin, Zineryt Lotion and Adapelene gel. My doctor will not send me to a dermatologist either, I have also had to fund a private plastic surgeon to remove a lump which my doctor would not refer me. When I was 21 I was on tetracycline I think 2/3 a day if I remember ( I can just about remember what I did last week let alone 7 years ago!) after being on these for a
  8. thank you! i do get dry skin, once i was using bp and i ended up like a scaly fish hehe not very pleasant! will give it a whirl...
  9. Hey, I'm new thinking of trying this, what one are you using the peppermint or tea tree one?
  10. Hi, I'm new to this board, came across it last week as I have been trying to find a solution to clear my skin, I seem to constantly get spots around my chin, I've tried antibiotics and they made me really ill, my friend was using dermalogica which cleared her skin up lovely, so I thought I would give that a go, but after trying for 2 years I gave up on it, got stuck in the routine, over in UK we have space NK went and saw a beauty therapist who said I might have too sensitive skin and dermalogic