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  1. I've tried sleeping on my back so many times and I just give up because I can't fall asleep. Maybe it was easy for you to start doing it...but any advice?
  2. been there, done that. Didn't work for me. What are some products that contain AHA's? and yeah, office space is the greatest movie ever made. Thanks for the input. -PEACE
  3. I've been battling acne for around 3 years now. Nothing has cleared me up completely, and a lot of products have made it worse. Currently, I am using clinique shave prep cleanser and aftershave lotion. For a toner I am using a 1:1 water/acv solution. I would rate my acne very moderate because has made my skin really blotchy, and being very fair skinned it makes my acne look a lot worse. I guess I'm just looking for some advice and a little guidance. Thanks
  4. hmm aloe vera...do you have any links explaining this technique?
  5. What would you suggest using to help my redmarks? Im currently using bp gel. These marks are hideous and I dont go out too much these days because of that. I wish picture was bigger to show more detail...
  6. "I just started doing this a couple days ago but tonight I've been applying it more. How long should I expect to notice a difference? Should I expect much dryness?" Im wondering the exact same thing
  7. wolf- I have a pic of me in my gallery from 2004. Thats when I first started bp. Ive always had a red face/blotchy skin after. But whenever I stop using it, my skin worsens and I always end up going back to it.
  8. Ive been using Dan's bp for over 2 yrs now I think. Check out my gallery... I have a pic from when I first joined(2004) and a recent pic of me. Has anyone else been using Dan's bp this long? And if you have, what is your exact regimen, how is your current acne problem?
  9. What's in aspirin that would be help clear acne?
  10. NSX


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    a picture of me
  12. well Ive been swimming a lot and started taking the borage oil....updated pic....
  13. question- should I be taking the borage oil and lecithin pills at same time? and with or without food? thanks
  14. It sucks though because I always have 5 active pimples/zits. And whenever I get a pimple, the skin around it turns into a white area(really weird)...which just makes the pimple even more visible. someoneintheuk- thanks for the link. I appreciate it
  15. what do these do? And can they be found in any vitamin section at a supermarket?
  16. Ive been using Dan's BP gel for 4 weeks. Nothing is working and Im Getting really frustrated Its really depressing.
  17. Dude, even the most savage weightlifters probably dont consume 6000 calories a day. And creatine helps your muscles recover quicker, allowing for more vigorous workouts. So it doesnt just magically make you put on weight or more muscle. I would recommend 4000 calories a day at max, a good workout routine, and take some natural protein powder supplement. Don't rush your weight gain goal, there could most definitly be some health issues involved with doing that.
  18. If youve been using bp for a long time and stopped, chances are your skin would become oily. and unless you have outgrown acne, you would probably start breaking out in a few weeks.
  19. Seinfeld Guitars Fruity Loops (the music recording software) Bob Long Intimidator Drunk tennis Pleasin the ladies Santa Cruz Plant propagation
  20. Whenever I go to bed, itll take me at least an hour and a half to fall asleep. I usually end up dosin off at 2 am. And being a college student, I feel it really hurts my attention span...... and I cant pay attention during lectures because Im sucha god damn zombie.
  21. whats up, Ive been a Bp Gel user for a few years now.... For the past few months it hasnt been working its magic like it used to do.... so Im thinking of introducing something new to my regimen. I have an extra tube of differin gel laying around.....sooo im tempted to use it. Would it be okay to apply the bp gel in the morning, and differin before i go to bed? thanks
  22. for some reason Ive never had a pimple on my nose. just lucky I guess
  23. Just keep telling yourself it will be over one day. It helped me when I had bad acne.