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  1. What kind of cinnamon do you use guys? Cause there are two common types - cinnamon and cassia, only the latter being used in the Type II Diabetes treatment. Where do you get your cinnamon from? Groceries' seasoning shelfs or the special diabetes-adapted stuff? My second question is - is there any difference between chromium yeast and chromium piccolinate? Also, Dotty1 - where did you get the daily intake numbers from? Why 6 grams of cinnamon and not 60? The last question is WHY taking all
  2. Hey, a good point that you've just raised here. As for the work-out, I don't know if they affect me or not, since I have been working out about 15 hours per week for the past 3 years. Also, in my case it is pretty tough to come up with a conclusion since I practice rather full-contact martial arts and tend to have all kinds of bruises, openings and fractures on my face on a regular basis. :)) So, it is pretty hard to tell if the overall state of my face is influenced by the sport as the acne s
  3. Where are constantly talking about fiber and its importance in the regimen. So, my question is, what would the 10 top-fibers be according to you? I'm not considering the special fiber pills and powders here.
  4. Well, that's rather bad news serkios. As for me, as I wrote yesterday, after 3 days of treatment I had no new zit which I was very rejoiced with. So rejoiced that I ate a bunch of unwanted stuff yesterday, including a pair of fruits etc. The payoff was immediate as I got like 3 or 4 new zits yesternight. Am now sticking to the fiber and chicken diet more fervently than before. To all the guys on Taurine, please keep us updated on your progress.
  5. Hi, This is to notify you that as of this morning Feb 23, 2008, I've got NO NEW ZITS at all. Have a few old ones left, but they are drying out - both visible and under-skin. Started the Taurine intake on Feb, 19 and the regimen itself four days earlier. If the results stay in the long term, I would have to nominate LiliVG for the Nobel Prize. ) Not to mention the overall physical and mind conditions which are perfect. Guess it should be due to the regimen. Will willingly answer your question
  6. Started the program with powdered Taurine on the 19th. Three days later I'm beginning to see some very positive results. Am very strictly sticking to the regimen - no sugars, fruits, dairy, nuts, wheat, transfats etc. Am also doing a general detox program with it. Oddly enough, the detox diet almost perfectly matches LiliVG's regimen. So, decided to give it a try while on it. Very noticeable results both physical and neuronal-wise. Am feeling very good and the mind is clearer than ever. Th
  7. OK, I'll dump the mini-breads. As for Caffeine, I certainly think I am allergic to it. As well as to chocolate and its derivatives. I remember telling it to my demato once, to which he reacted as though there was no such thing possible. I was very-very much surprised with him saying that but attributed it to my non-savant profile. Ever since, I experimented diligently and frequently with caffeine and choco allergic triggering on my organism and EACH AND EVERY time it turned out to be posit
  8. I mainly eat buckwheat, black untreated rice, lentils and big beans (don't know how you call'em exactly - it should be a South American special). Yesterday I also ate 3 of those Swedish whole-wheat/rye/mixed whole-cereal mini breads - I think they should be safe. Above that, I eat everything unsalted or only slightly salted - and if I put salt on it, it is this natural organic manually processed sea-salt from Bretagne. I also try to drink at least 2 litres of filtered tap or mineral water
  9. I've been doing my best at avoiding wheat, dairy, nuts, fruits, citrus, hydrogenated oils etc. The most difficult part turned to be fruits. Coz I'm doing sports rather intensively and simply could not not have a banana today and the day before yesterday. From my past experience I could not remember having an allergy on them. But everything is possible. At several points, ever since I started the regimen (about 4 days ago - only yesterday evening for Taurine though), it seemed to me that the sk
  10. Finally got myself some Taurine and started LiliVG's regiment on the 19th. Would like to know how much time it takes to see the first improvements. Coz haven't noticed anything as of yet. Didn't have an opportunity to eat anything this morning. So first ate at around 4PM. Didn't feel as hungry as I normally would. Wonder if it's due to Taurine. Anyone ever noticed the same effect? Also, despite not eating anything until late, still noticed one or two underskin zits at around 3PM; wonder
  11. A question on Bananas: As I do a lot of sports it is kinda tough for me to totally abstain all rapid sugar supplies while on-the-go. So I ran a research on Bananas and it seems that they are only 14% fructose while 66% sucrose and 20% glucose. So, is it OK to take 1 or 2 bananas per day or do I risk to mess up the regimen? What I am trying to figure out is what to eat before sports - coz I may well "fly away" if staying without at least some rapidly available energy sources for the whole da
  12. Great! Thanx a lot Lili for the constant counseling you provide to me and the thread readers. Also, would like to know if the Tau intake in sparkling water is really that much more efficient compared to a more convenient capsules method? I actually read somewhere that all carbonized liquids (incl. non-sugared) are rather non-recommended since they seemingly tend to trigger acne even more. Is the statement totally "out-of-bounds"? [Off-topic] Do you actually detain a med/biochem/pharma degre
  13. Thanx for your reply, Cleric. Where do you get the sugar repartition from? Cauz most of the times the ND only says Sugars - how am I supposed to know if they come from Glucose, Fructose, Dextrose, etc.? Also, would like to double-check if beans, lens and buckwheat are OK for intake?
  14. Thanx for your prompt response, Alfalfa. What about my first three questions? Anyone? Also, I would like to know what fruits are acceptable (other than Apples and Pears) beyond the initial phase of the regimen?
  15. Great topic and research work by LillyVG. I've been reading it since Saturday and have covered 20 pages ever since (4 more to do later since it's a bit late now )). VERY entertaining indeed. GREAT JOB LillyVG. Am I falling in love with pharmaceutics and biochem? :°) Haven't yet tried the RedBull option yet as I know I am quite sensitive to caffeine - so a bit afraid of triggering things in the wrong direction. Have already ordered some Tau online and am definitely going to get some pure powder