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  1. Works for me, will it work for you?? Morning: Shower, use neutrogena oil free acne wash shave, use glycerin based shaving cream use witch hazel based aftershave -wait for skin to completely dry clindamycin phosphate topical lotion 1% one even coat of Eucerin daily replenishing lotion Night if i take a shower before bed i again wash with neutrogena oil free acne wash -wait for skin to completely dry clindamycin phosphate topical lotion 1% Retin-A Gel 0.025% one or two coats of Eucer
  2. im no doctor, but from what ive read online, and what my doctor has told me, retin-a will reduce both the size and appearance of scars. ive been on retin-a for a while and i have noticed a small reduction in the scaring on my face. but i will warn you... retin-a really drys out your skin. read on this forum about all the people that have had redness, dryness, and pealing. ive had it and you WILL get it, you have to decide if its worth it to go through all that pain to get rid of your scaring.
  3. well, you have to remember that Retin-A is for a particular type of acne, cystic. now it seems you dont have this, so i will suggest to you another prescription to run by your doctor: Clindamycin. Ive used both, and one at a time, it seems to me that the retin-a gets rid of the really big puss cystis[which it doesnt seem you have] and the clindamycin gets rid of zits/blackheads/bleamishes/etc. i prefer the lotion: clinamycin phosphate topical lotion 1% but the solution isnt bad, it just seems
  4. Eucerin ive been on retin-a for over a year, even though i had to stop on my face for a while after horrible sunburn. i found that Eucerin is best, ive tried almost everything. granted the ultra expensive stuff is best, but not cost effective for long periods of time. so, use eucerin its best for this and other dry skin issues. and it does make my skin a bit oily, but it really makes my skin smooth so... its really up to you what you prefer. one problem ive found with it is, if i exfoliate t