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  1. Thanks! Wow, your thread was most insightful! Thanks so much!
  2. Wow, I feel the exact same way. D: I don't think I've ever hated mirrors so much.
  3. I've been reading these reviews about emu oil and have heard it works really well for reddening and even active acne. I was wondering if anyone who is using emu oil and had good results would tell me what brand they're using and where you purchased it? This would be such a huge help. Thank you in advance and thanks for your time.
  4. This. My acne was never something too bad, but it really got worse this year. I've tried everything I could get my hands on and everything my parents could afford for me without starving the family. I'm going to try the supplements you've listed and see how that goes. You look so much better and you are adorable. D: Don't let this get you down.
  5. Deep scars? D: How deep would you say they are? I've never picked at my skin and I still get scarring that, at least to me, seem pretty deep. I've never taken a file point to my face, though I have thought of it, but could you elaborate on the deepness of your scars? There should be things that can at least improve the overall look of your scars.
  6. I've been using Tretinoin 0.025% for the past two and a half months. I was meant to apply it once a day. It really cleared up my skin to a point where I'm fine. There are a few zits, but I could care less. Now I'm starting to get redness around my cheeks, forehead, and chin. Has Tretinoin been known to cause reddening or inflammation? I try not using very many things for my face. I don't use any make-up at all and I make sure not to touch my face or have my hair fall on it, so as to not irrita
  7. For me, IB lasted for about two weeks, so it should be ending pretty soon for you. I'd give it another week. I'd say maybe a whole week to be on the safe side. Yeah, I have that same problem, so that's normal. :] Give it time and that should be gone as well.
  8. Ugh, scars are such pesky things. Don't lose heart though. From your pictures, it definitely doesn't look bat at all. I wish I knew more about scars myself, but peels are good for smoothing the skin out so that could work for you! However, your skin could be get very irritated from them, so watch out. I probably would wait a few months and see if the scars fade, however. Too many chemicals in the face could throw it out of whack and cause even more acne!
  9. I've been using Tretinoin for a little over two months. My skin is clearing up a lot, but my parents are telling me that the skin on my face looks lighter than my neck, ears, etc. Does this topical cream bleach skin? I've never heard of such a thing happening with this medication, to be completely honest. My parents can be paranoid at times, but their words are starting to get to me to the point I feel I should stop applying it. Have any of you who used Tretinoin experienced this?
  10. When I was using Retin-A, I saw improvements in three months. It takes patience when using it, and the IB was unbearable for me. But, if you keep at it you will definitely see results!
  11. Hi there! Just couldn't help but notice your adorable icon. Malik, huh? It's cute!