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  1. Hey Thanks for that vid!! Thats exactly what I was thinking. See how just a tiny spot treated at a time? Interesting technique of swabbing off the extra TCA prior to applying rather firmly. See, this is the sort of technical pointers we needed. I think one can go up to an 1/8" per spot but not say 1/4". Personally, my scars are fairly wide and will have to be treated in adjacent 1/8" sections say on alternating months. Of the pics and statements I've seen this process stands as the most pr
  2. I think the TCA technique is most successful when applied to small areas only. The near by skin helps the treated areas heal better. I'd say little 1/8" spots treated only and each spot be a good 1" away from any other treated spot. Rolling scars might best be treated first in the center then next time the center of what is left over.
  3. I just got some 100% TCA and tried a few spots. It really does seem to work for those 1/8" and smaller dings. I am still fresh but it seems to destroy the bad skin and forms an ideal healing scab. The scab then falls off and underneath seems to be naturalized skin albeit flaming red at this point. Every day it normalizes more in color but remains level! I am doing it 1X per month so I have 3 more weeks til my next session.
  4. I just got subcision followed by Radiesse. I hope what they say is right!
  5. TCA cross but only the end of a toothpick. Push in so as to essentially puncture the bottom of the scar. this destroys the tethering strand causing the scar. Kept small the hole closes up naturally. spread around larger and it's likely to leave burn scars and enlarge. again. go in and out and not from side to side...just the diameter of the end of the toothpick. This kinda pushes the scar in and the skin is collected from adjacent area and it closes naturally. Ive eliminated a couple this
  6. hey,thanks for the pic comment,it was very sweet x

  7. I have a good deal of confidence and even though I am shortish at 5.7ft and have unignorable scars girls often find me attractive. I kinda think it is about the quality of the time we spend together. you know ...whether we are having a good time or not.... But I definitely feel more charged and stuff if I am hanging with a beautiful girl. Well so far anyway. There was this not very pretty girl I was hanging with that I really flipped for though. She was nice..confident fun energetic, hones
  8. Guy it seems like your main issue is discoloration. I would go with chemical peels.
  9. Chemical peels fade them as fast as possible. Dents dont respond but for bumps it seems good. Not if you keloid! Dents need multiple subcisions I think.
  10. yea, I think subcision will help you. I dont know what people mean when they talk about scarred pores though. then I think a chemical peel or three and your good.
  11. I had it so bad that I dropped out of Highschool. Took a year off you know. I needed it. Went back with gusto but later when the actual scars began to show I began again to withdrawl. It has been the single most devastating thing in my life. Cost me big time. Getting along in the years and perhaps it's too late for marriage. Cant lie to myself about how ugly the scars are. I cant lie to myself about the kind of girl I am naturally attracted to...I.E. beautiful...not like me. Girls like