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  1. HEY can anyone tell me if sotret comes in (1 capsule) 40mg. My derm says it doesn't but im pretty sure ive read that ppl are taking it.... thanks to anyone who can answer.
  2. Thanks for the tip- i was thinking about icing it but didn't know if i should. Actually i am on 40mg (weigh 126). maybe i heard him wrong- though i also looked at the package and asked some friends who were on it and all say that it gets worst within first month and should start clearing second month... but then again everyone is different, who knows.. thanks again!
  3. If it's just redness and a bit of surfacing of a few cysts, I don't think that calls for prednisone. Please look at RCRanger03's log for some images of what does constitute need for prednisone. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...t&p=2078302 Found it. Of course, it doesn't have to be THAT severe, but realize that prednisone isn't to be taken simply because of a bit of redness or a few cysts. The initial breakout doesn't usually happen for at least a month or so in; I'd say that
  4. does the prednisone aid with redness.. I figure it does if the redness is due to inflammation of the skin... Im on accutane week 3 and previous cysts that were healing decided to surface a bit and become more red, i remember my derm telling me to call in for a RX of prednisone if i experienced and IB. would this qualify? ( ive taken pred before with success )
  5. I hate being on antibiotics- hate it- the derm put me first on solodyn for 2 weeks- and that made me feel like Sh** , he switched to doxy for the next two weeks and then i had my wisdom teeth out and was put on amoxicillin- now he wants me to try Bactrim for two weeks ( i had a really bad breakout)---- ( i go on accutane in about two weeks). is it safe to switch antibiotics like this-- and should i even bother with the bactrim?? If anyone has any insight id greatly appreciate it thanks
  6. Thanks!.good luck with you too... what dose are you doing??
  7. Hello, I rarely post on here but, i am starting accutane in one month.. pretty apprehensive about it but more excited than nervous i guess. Ive had acne mostly cystic acne on and off since i was 14. i just get like 1 or two BIG cysts at a time, usually get them injected take some antibiotics and wait until the next year when i get another break out... unfortunately this time around they just keep coming and coming!!! so, accutane it is... can't take the actual physical pain of these large cys
  8. What exactly is different? Which provides better coverage?
  9. Cortisone are for huge or persistent bothersome cysts or nodules....
  10. Put some BP on it and leave it alone (HANDS OFF!) and try to forget about it and it'll be gone before you know it. Or, if it has a head I would stand over boiling water long enough for either the gunk to come out on its own or for you to only have to push a bit. again dont use your hands. Then put some hydrogen peroxide to disinfect. I dont know how correct this is but i do it all the time, i actually even put rubbing alcohol after i pop it and its gone in the morning, but youre not supposed
  11. Ive been taking ortho-tri-cyline for about 1 year and a half for acne and birth control. I was wondering do birth control pills fuck with your hormones if you take them for too long (im aware that a year 1/2 is not long at all, i just dont want to continue)? Does everyone break out when coming off them?
  12. ha, maybe they are right, legs and bikini line, honestly are no big deal, i was in there for less then 10 minutes. Then again ive always done it in Argentina I really dont know how they do it here, all i know is its more expensive. I would at least go get my legs and bikini line waxed to see if you can handle that, and then maybe consult about the brazilian wax.