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  1. can't you order accutane online? I don't know if it's a good idea but I thought you could get almost any Rx drug off the internet.
  2. My nose used to be a mess. B5 fixed it good! The only thing that ever really worked.
  3. Well it's over the three month mark and my face is actually pretty clear except for my damn chin and jawline. I'm still breaking out like crazy in those areas. I think it's going to leave scars I seem to have blackheads that turn into full blown red zits. they hurt too! I'm guessing it's probably going to take another couple months or so to completely clear.
  4. Ok if this is a joke it's not funny! My skin is currently looking BAD!!!!!!!!! I have these huge bright red bumps that I haven't had in years and a ton of little blackheads! My face just looks pretty unhealthy in general. On top of that i've developed some strange as hell body breakouts. Not only do my back and chest break out but now on my left leg too I'm going to keep up with B5 for at least three months but this is just scary. someones going to have to hold my hand to get through the initia
  5. week six progress: AGUHHHHHHHHH!!!! this is driving me crazy! I clear up then break out again! Anyone else experience this with B5? My chin and my jaw line are the worst. I guess this is part of my skin's purging process but shit....AGUHHHHHHHH! I'm currently using tazorac as a topical but i'm thinking about switching to BP.
  6. week four progress: doing ok! Some days are better than others. My chin is my worst area of my face still. I'm on my third bottle.
  7. week three progress: happy to report that this stuff seems to be kicking in!!! the amazing thing is that my pores are so much smaller! I thought it would take at least three months to see results but i'm only on the first month and i'm doing better so i'm happy. Hope I continue to improve. I'm going out to get two more bottles today.
  8. week two progress: I decided to switch B5 brands. I'm now taking Solaray. I don't know if it's better or not. It's a slightly bigger bottle. The rest of my regimine is the same. Still going through the dreaded breakout. Lots of little bumbs and roughness. Sorry I don't have anything better to report. I know from my previous treatments that these things take time and I need to be patient. It's only been two weeks after all. At least so far it's not nearly as bad as my accutane initial breakout.
  9. Hey y'all! quick history on my skin problem. started breaking out when I was 8(no kidding!) got worse and worse over the years. Tried everything to clear it up. finally got on accutane at 17. It kept me pretty clear for three or four years or so. started breaking out again a few years back. the derm put me on every antibiotic and cream. It would work for awhile then I would break out again It's been almost three years of breaking out and clearing up again. I'm sick of this and want to break th