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  1. What kind of water do you drink? Is it filtered? Makes a huge difference! If you do have acne, you should avoid fruits. Fruits which contain high amounts of natural sugar, cause blood sugar spikes which can bring about acne. If you really cannot take fruits out of your usual day, you should go for low sugar fruits (most berries) The phrase 'eating healthy' is highly individualized. For one person 'eating healthy' may lead to a lot of good results, but for someone else eating that same 'healthy
  2. Boiled down to the recipes - toughest part! Yesterday I had pasta, a whole lot! and I've been stressed quite a bit because of college. Hence I broke out! Anti - acne food + Stress = Acne! if only things were so clear to me a couple of months back. I'm starting of my candida diet (like full blown) by Monday. Gotta learn how to cook first ya' know!
  3. I looked this up a little further, reading a few more articles - unbiased, seemingly professional, full of common sense! Depending upon the time, effort and intensity of activity we incorporate into our usual day, the amount of water required can be estimated. Drinking water 30 minutes before food and 45 minutes to an hour after food is considered to be 'good practice' although it doesn't really hurt drinking during meals. (Just to quench that thirst, not too much) The lady who 'cured' her ac
  4. Did you finish making your website? Apart from me, I'm sure a lot of other people on this forum would definitely appreciate that!
  5. I don't know if you still log on or not..but Congratulations!! I guess those 'shrooms were not that bad after all..
  6. Sorry, I did not read what you wrote Dotty1. Exactly what I had in mind. Person who asked about Fish Oil. Its recommended having it with food. From personal experience, whenever I consumed my fish oil after a meal with a glass of water..Nasty Fish Burps..lol ( I call them NFB!) Solution: I Take my fish oil after 2-3 bites of my meal with an ounce of water. Ashley: Yeah totally! Run around the house, then the garden, then around grandpa's ol' school Chevy. Stop. Look at mom cooking. Eat on the
  7. The reason I ask is because I was reading an article written by Bee Wilder (I would'nt want to say any further because I already got a warning for posting 'too much' information the last time..lol) and it states that drinking water, actually a mixture - 6-8 ounces of water + some ocean sea salt + a little squeeze of lemon greatly aids digestion. The logic behind all this is when the food has to enter the stomach, it passes through a very small valve called the pyloric valve (10 mm dia.). To mak
  8. NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA drugs gimme drugs.... anyways... The Candida Diet it is... I'll start off, day after.(after countless hours of research) Already pretty clear. No Dairy/No Gluten/No antibiotics/managing stress/fish oil/zinc/less carbs... Kiss me you animal! NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
  9. Real quick, I was reading this article and it suggests drinking water (atleast a full glass) with every meal to aid digestion. On the other hand, I've heard a lot about spacing out consumption of water, so that no water is consumed 30 minutes before or after meals. Heck, there's a post which says some chick got clear by not drinking anything 2 hours before and after meals??? What are your thoughts?
  10. You can go for GNC. Its corn/starch/gluten/dairy/soy/any other allergy triggering product free. I have it. So Should you! lol
  11. I don't exactly remember how stress is associated to acne but you can check out Tangerine's blog. She's mentioned quite a bit about stress and managing it through meditation. I guess Dan made a video on stress too. You can check out Ray Wang's website. He's covered every aspect in great detail. Tangerine's blog: thelovevitamindotcom Dan's video: I don't have the exact link, but he has it on his Youtube page. Ray's website: howtoclearyouracnedotcom If your totally stressed, you should watch t
  12. ...smoking weed on the other hand lol. well i'm not suggesting that you should smoke herb, but if you do, limit it to once a month. also, make sure the food you eat while suffering from the munchies follows the dieting guidelines! it's best to prepare a large chicken salad before smoking, so you don't forget or accidentally cheat by gobbling up a plate of delicious cookies sitting on the table in front of you. HA...LOL!
  13. Stress is a contributing factor. It messes with the hormonal balance!
  14. To be honest I don't have in depth knowledge as you guys do. I started learning a lot about the digestive system because my acne started acting up. I found this post to be informative because it provides some part of the answer to acne. Most members who have replied to this thread do agree to a certain degree about the sub-par liver. If not the sub-par liver, at least the importance of treating the liver right to see a favorable outcome. I was relying on antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide to curb