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  1. +1 for The Ordinary Niacinamide. Mid 30s here and I'm one of those who has tried "everything". Battled acne since teens. Wish I used this stuff sooner! And a bottle of this is only about $5 USD.
  2. Improvement will vary from person to person as we all are dealing with our own unique scars, level of scarring, healing, etc. I don't believe there is a 'one size fits all'. Some may continue to see improvement after their 7th treatment, while others may not see improvement after one.
  3. Definitely for me. I used to drink shakes all the time, but completely cut it out for years now.
  4. Everyone has their certain "trigger" foods; gluten is not one for me fortunately. Neither is dairy. For me, it's mainly the sugary/processed foods that break me out.
  5. Genetics. Some people can just eat anything they want, yet have glass smooth skin. I envy these people!
  6. Hey! I never used this product but I've tried several other products that did not really work. I've always had oily skin and Accutane was the only thing that really had a noticeable effect for me personally. I found the best thing for me to do to manage oily skin is to be consistent with a daily cleanse and moisturizer. For sebaceous filaments, my derm told me that a hydrocortisone cream can help.
  7. I'm in the bay area myself and I've been seeing Dr Rullan in Chula Vista for the past 1.5 years. He is one of the few docs who specializes in acne scarring. It's a quick flight to SD. He has patients who fly in from around the world.
  8. Yes, subcision can certainly be performed alone. However, there are some studies that indicate positive results if one were to suction/use filler after subcision vs subcision alone.
  9. How do you like the derminator? I've always been meaning to look more into this device, how is it working out for you?
  10. I typically wait to suction on the 3rd day after the swelling goes down a bit.
  11. Subcisions were around 3 months apart. Tough to pinpoint a specific percentage improvement, but results have been very positive. Along with subcisions, I have had many other treatments: Sculptra, RF needling, regular needling, Phenol CROSS -- several sessions of each. Also just had my first TCA/Jessner's peel a few weeks ago.
  12. beautifulambition. He's one of the Mods on the forum and can be reached via PM.
  13. I'm in California as well and on average I've seen them go for around 3k for 3 sessions for full face. I have not researched prices extensively but these are what I have noticed. Agreed!
  14. I always get mixed feedback on aftercare as well! I usually just keep it simple and apply my regular moisturizer on my entire face morning and night. I do not keep the individual scabs moist throughout the day. I think either way, it will take a week or so for the scabs to fall off. Just as long as you don't pick at them you should be all good.