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  1. Im starting to think i should have more imput with my appointments. I usually tell them my problem and accept what they say and leave, even if most times i dont agree with what they say. I am going to do more research in future, although my doctor has been really nice to me in regards to my skin so far.
  2. Thankyou for that post newcastlegirl. I did feel that she was a bit condersending towards me. I felt really silly for crying, she just didnt seem to realise what a big deal it was to me and it was my skin that was making me feel so upset. I have been refered from my doctor so im not sure how i would go about finding a different one. Thankyou for your help, i will check for your regime.
  3. Many, Many thankyous for your help.xx I shall go out tommorrow and purchase some, i am a bit worried about the prices but i think i will try a cheep one for now. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, i have my derm appointment soon. She seems to want to perscribe me a stronger antibiotics, but since my last appointment from the antibiotics i have been on, my spots are now only pimples. I do however have really bad scars and im scared my derm will say she cant do anything for them. What treatments could i suggest to her? Can anyone help? I dont want to look asthough i am being really cheeky, but atleast if she says they are permanent i would like to say, could you tell me more about.
  5. Hi, I only ever use soap and water. Should i clense, tone and moisturise like all the magazines say?
  6. Hi Does any one know if smoking affects your acne. Ive been trying to quit for a while but im unsuccessful. I was wondering if smoking may be affecting my acne. Any help appreciated xx
  7. Right i am going to try it Tall girl!! I feel guilty now for eating bread today and i am mad on it aswell. It will be hard but im gonna try it. Will let you know how it goes, cheers 4 that 8)
  8. I think you have a good attitude there. I thought by my 20s i wouldnt have the worry but they havent calmed down much from being 13 so im going to take them as being a permanennt fixture and if one day i do have the skin i dream of, then that will be a very special day for me. Once you stop worrying, half the problem is beaten i think. Stress also brings on bad skin afterall. Im glad you are happy. We have to think of our acne as something we have had problems with and has probably made us
  9. hi laserguy. Thankyou for your advise, it feels so good to hear there may be a solution. I will mension this to my derm. and let you know the outcome. Thanku
  10. I have to admit i have found evening primrose oil tablets very good for my skin. I avoid eating; butter/marg, milk, sugar, cakes/choc/buscuits, jam, eggs, yoghurt, oily foods, peanuts, CAFFEINE, fizzy drinks. Although some days i do lapse and give in for the taste of a nice chocolate bar, i always end up with a new spot the next day!! Exercise helps your skin and i drink 4 pints of water per day. I always make sure i have a shower before bed and in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon
  11. It is really nice to hear you are at peace with your skin now. I really hope to feel that way one day too. I dont think people will ever appreciate how distressing acne is if you have never had it, after 9 years of suffering i am beginning to give up on my hope of growing out of it! I think exceptance is probably the key to overcoming the problem.
  12. Hi, i have bad scars which are red and deep and some which are just little red flat blobs which just wont go away. I am taking erthromycin tablets, now i mainy only get pimples but my scars are the main problem. Does anyone know what i should do? My derm appointment is in 1 months time, she is thinking of putting me on rossertine. Should i suggest any forms of acne removal? Any help is much appreciated and also any comments about eurothromicycin/ rossertine. Thanku
  13. Hi I know how u feel about not being able to leave the house without makeup. I thought i best go bareface to the derm as to get the best possible treatment, as my skin looks alot worse without makeup. However , this is the first time i have gone without makeup for 9 years due to acne. By the time i got to see the derm i had worked myself up so much because i was so paronoid over wearing no makeup, i broke down crying and couldnt explain myself. So embarrasing, she then turned me away and i