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  1. Vitamins are always good for the skin and I wouldn't limit it to just zinc. I myself don't care for swallowing pills so I just take a FlintStone vitamin. There good for kids and adults.
  2. I've been using "Dove Sensitive Essentials - Day Lotion" for some time now. One of the best face lotions I've came across. Dove also makes a sensitive skin foaming face wash that works great without over drying the skin. I try to stay away from harsh products as it just makes the acne worse. And just an extra tip, Aveno makes the best chapstick, IMOP.
  3. I think the dairy thing is a bunch of BS. I have always been a big milk drinker. I read something similar about dairy and decided to quit drinking milk. I did this for six months. Started breaking out around my mouth alot. After six months I started drinking milk again. It didn't cure my acne but it did get better. Just goes to show, milk is good for the skin and bones.
  4. Hmm, your face looks pretty clear. I did see the pic of your back. Is this the only place you get acne?
  5. Ok, I'm a big peanut butter and strawberry jelly eater. But I thought I read some where here on the forum that walnut butter wouldn't produce acne like peanut butter does. Just wondering if anyone can validate this? If so, is there sugar in walnut butter like there is in peanut butter? Any thoughts or extra info would be great.
  6. That's what I'm doing now. Today I'm starting this without a cleanser and in a bowl instead of the sink. ;)
  7. I figured I would give it a shot. But not without my Basis face wash and Dove lotion. I've done it twice now and so far so good. I washed lightly first (rinsed with water from hands, as always) and then soaked my face for 60 seconds. Twenty second intervals. Patted dry with a towel and waited 15 minutes before applying lotion. Which I apply lightly. I think I'll stick with this a bit until there's a good improvement.
  8. I asked my derm for the same thing. I wanted to start out with accutane myself. Of coarse, he gave me the minocycline. If I go back to my derm again, I'm asking for accutane and making sure I get it this time. From what I've read, accutane is more effective, just like you said. Hope all goes well for you.
  9. Here's what I use now. It cleans well without drying the skin. The lotion is also not greasy. Dove - Cool Moisture (face) Dove - Sensitive Essentials (lotion) Dove - Cool Moisture (body) Hope those help, if you're not happy with your current products.
  10. You would be surprised. There are celebs who have worse skin problems then me. And don't judge by my avatar picture. That was taken on a really good day. Search the net. You'll finds pics of celebs and you'll go ...huh? It sure made me feel better to know that hollywood is nothing but a big make-up box. But yes, there are people out there with very nice skin.
  11. I will never use minocycline again. I'm sure you have read up on it and you know it kills the bacteria on your skin. It worked great the first month I was on it. The second month I started breaking out and in places I hadn't before. I quit taking it and broke out like crazy. Now I left with out-breaks in areas I had never broke out before. I wish I would have never used it. Not only that but right before I quit taking it, I had quite a few new moles appear. It was almost like over night. They s
  12. From what I've read on other forums, the book just talks about stuff while it wants you to go to the guys site, so you can pay $9.95 a month to use his forum which supposely has cures. Bunch of B.S. if you ask me.
  13. Where did you get this information and is this the book, "natural cures that they don't want you to know about" or something?
  14. BP use to work for me when I was a teenager but I think it made things worse in the long run. Products like this aren't good for the skin. It just damages it. Then you have to keep using them just to keep up with the damage you've done. Just wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply a face lotion that has vitamins.