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  1. Dan Kern's article mentions both very low dose Accutane, and surprisingly, Botox, for lessening sebum production. You might also look at his suggestions for Seborrhoea- oily skin, but without acne. Excess oil is causing everything I see in your photos.
  2. I am 7+ months into a journey to an unknown result. There is progress, but I am still so grateful that the new living adventure I started just before severe, recalcitrant nodulistic acne took over my life means that I see no one, except a cashier at the grocery store. I love this life in the forest, in a beautiful motor coach with every comfort, and a few ants trying to escape soggy ground. To start my story, I will pick up at December/January. I now understand how this vicious skin d
  3. The current cure rate at 1 mg/kg, up to a specific total dosage, has a 97% cure rate after including those who took two courses. It is important to source data. This data comes from the latest position paper from American Academy of Dermatologists on Isotretinoin, and has been adopted by the European Association as well. Yes, it can come back, but SO many variables can contribute- right dosage to reach total dosage within 6 months; whether the medication is taken with 50 mg fat and 800
  4. There is an increase in adult acne, but if you only have one or two from time to time, then thank goodness- it is not ( yet) nodulistic acne. I started with one...then over the next 2 1/2 years, I had forty. They all felt like a punch in the arm when they started- nodules are deep and very stubborn. The white plugs sticking out are just the tip of a deeper and fatter nodule. The bigger they grow with more sebum, the more painful they are. I never had vaccines as an adult, ate orga
  5. How much fat are you eating with each dose? It is insane, but you really need 50 mg fat for absorption. There are people for whom it took much longer, even 2 years ending at 200 mg. They always had either trigger issues with dairy ( like tons of whey protein daily for body building), or the drug was not being absorbed. At six months low dose, I still have major nodulistic lesions all over, but it is clearly working- sebum/oil has stopped ( huge change,) and the lesions are healing much fa
  6. I would suggest reading the recent position statement on Isotretinoin ( Accutane no longer exists) ( easy reading,) from the American Association of Dermatologists. The same position has been adopted by Europe and many other countries. I am a 58 year old cancer survivor on low dose Isotretinoin. I am not a good candidate given my health history, but I know how to manage side effects, and after 6 months ( of ten,), a very severe case of nodulistic acne is disappearing. My face was a horror,
  7. Morgellons is a disease of the mind, a psychosis. These plugs are nodules, filled with sebum. A disease of the skin. Nodulistic acne results from the same source as all acne- too much sebum ( your skin's natural oil, produced by microscopic sebaceous glands, which are part of every pore/ hair follicle on your body. Many things can trigger sebaceous glands to overproduce. Usually, it is a fluctuation in hormones, and the male hormones, Androgens, are the food for the sebaceous glan
  8. Marco & Co, The mental toll is so challenging. Rest assured, whatever it is appearing on your arms, Isotretinoin will clear it up, but it will get worse before it gets better, so you may see all sorts of stuff coming out during the first 1-2 months. I would really recommend low dose- 20 mg/day. Only some doctors believe low dose will give a complete cure, but it just takes longer. The side effects at full dose are an even bigger mental challenge! I never had any acne until dev
  9. This thread seems a bit crazy to me. I developed the same, with the plugs, shortly after ten years of hormonal therapy for breast cancer. Yes, I have been around horses and dogs my entire life. No, I had not been on antibiotics nor is my tongue white, and I don't have dandruff. I have had clear skin my whole life until a month after the decade of estrogen blockers. My lesions look exactly like the pictures. Nodular acne- my sebaceous glands went into overdrive when the