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  1. Icepicked, largely pored... Exactly mine. I'm looking at yours just like looking at mine. But generally your skin is quie healthy. It's better than mine in its tone, smoothness and overall appearance. Opps! I'm doing Affirm laser now. Kinda improve but who knows.
  2. I'm not sure... But everytime I look at my whole face, things are totally different. My skin is not pale (pasty), it's kinda fair, partly smooth and partly rough (esp where acne scars located). And I also notice that in air conditioned environment, my skin turns out to be dry, unhealthy and stressed. Does anybody know how to take care of skin in cooled areas? Like using moisturizer or watever?. I think I should use something. Actually, I'm using The Face Shop: face foam, toner and emulsion (I th
  3. Yep, I live with embarassment every because of acne scars. Just like this morning, I talked with some of my colluages. they are foreign which made the sistuation get worse. I couldn't even say anthing grammatically correctly, not to mention my lost confidence, my own true color. and now i'm deep in desperation, wondering why I'm turning out like this. Hic. I need my skin improving, at least 50% or I'll die crying.
  4. Please comment on my skin health and give your suggestions please
  5. I don't know why they are like this. How do you input images so they show up? Your skin looks really healthy except the scarred area. I think with Pixel or Affirm laser, it'll improve a lot as to wat I've been learning through this site and others as well.
  6. tampagirl - Oh no, such an improvement!!! Congrats girl. Can you pay a visit to my topic. I would highly appreciate your comments. I'm Asian so I don't think I could experience this treatment...
  7. I uploaded my skin pic and would like to receive your comments on how serious my acne scars are. Are they rolling scars?
  8. Hi all, Im Vietnamese and have been suffering from acnes scars for about 3 years. Two days ago, I went to a beauty salon (which is absolutely famous for its scar, cosmetics treatments) and I was advised to have Pixel and Affirm lasers to improve my skin (Pixel for the first treatment and then after 2 weeks comes Affirm then back to Pixel. it's supposed to be 8 treatments (4 for Pixel and 4 for Affirm). The whole package costs under 1000 USD (based on the living standards in Vietnam - this amoun