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  1. Plain old sugar - it's cheap & it's a great exfoliator!
  2. Check out my thread about glutathione - but because glutathione is such a strong detoxifier, I would start out with really small dosages. You might need less than me to get clear - or the same, i would just experiment - and start real slow Ex: take 100 or 200 milligrams the first day, then bump up if you get no reaction. I take glutathione 3X a day to stay clear. You might break out a little at first as a detox reaction. Best of luck to you. Post back if you & let us know your experien
  3. I just searched "Taurine" because I was curious to see if/how it could relate to glutathione (someone on that thread I posted had suggested there could be a connection). I find it interesting that a lot of you are finding success with a combination of B6 and Taurine. I didn't think to post this on my thread, but my dr. puts everyone on B-6 who is on amino acids. They work together synergistically, apparently - and apparently a lot of you guys figured this out on your own. That's really amazi
  4. Actually, many of these Drs. who actually perform this surgery do know now what they are doing because they've been sued and the surgery has been banned in countries like Sweden. But they continue to do it for money. I posted it here in this forum because one of the things these doctors are saying to patients is that their acne will go away because the sweat glands are cut. These are disturbing facts, but these facts could potentially save someone here from getting this surgery.
  5. I felt it was important to share with all of you a tragedy that happened to a friend of mine so that it NEVER happens to you. My friend had a surgery called ETS surgery (Endoscopic Thoracic Surgery) - a sympathectomy - they cut or clamp the peripheral nerves that go to the arms, face and head. He did this because he saw a stupid Ad somewhere and was suffereing from Hyperhidrosis- he sweat excessively from his hands and his forehead and was very self-conscious about it. He also had acne. The s
  6. Thanks a lot for your posts Trevor. So in plain english what are you taking now that is keeping you clear...if you could post the name and brands that would be awesome. Thanks man!
  7. hi trevorchitown, I'd like to know wich brand are you using ? do you know what its side effects are ? I remmember at first I reallly wanted to try it because a friend of mine told me about it and she said her skin got soo much smoother and her acne marks faded aloot and also I read about some that say the same thing about their skin after using glutathione supliments in higher dosage for a few months ....buttt then I read some really scary stuff that people were saying about glutathione