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  1. Acne Post 1 Hello Good day, my Name is Julien im 28 years old even though i look like a teenager. I want to share my experience with my Skin Problem. I had a strong Acne Vulgaris since im 13 years old. It was on my face and on my upper back. The Acne is with alot of oil on the skin and aloot of blackheads and pimples ranging from small to big ones that are deep and red. Everyday i had new painful pimples. I tried alot of cremes,soaps and chemical cremes and pills from the ph
  2. Method of getting rid of Acne by Dietregime. Hello good day here is a effective method of getting real clean skin from Acne that i used/using on myself. In my experiences Acne is directly caused by the food you eat and what you drink. In General said if you change your diet to a healthy one that is consisting of foods and Drinks that are free of industrial chemicals and are rightfully prepared and cooked you can beat your acne. That im convinced through o