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  1. Yesss keep using your treatment. If you stop your skin will start breaking out again! You might not have to use at much BP, but don't stop all together
  2. Normally what I do is... after being in the shower for a few minutes with the water pretty wearm...I lightly rub my fingers in a back and forth motion on the areas of skin where it gets flaky. Its pretty gross but the skin balls up and comes off and it seems more gentle then an abrasive scrub! Make sure to moisturize afterwards
  3. I think it depends on what skin type you have. If you have dry/normal skin i would say use the Cetaphil. If your skin is oily (like mine) use the Purpose. I really like the Purpose cleanser. It makes my skin a little tight sometimes but that is okay! Ive never tried the Eucerin so make sure it wont clog your pores... but I do really like the Aveeno. Look at reviews of these products at www.makeupalley.com .. that site has really helped me pick out the right products.
  4. I didn't wait at all. I jumped on the wagon right away. For me, my skin tolerates BP quite well, do the AHA didn't affect me at all. Me too! I guess it just depends on your skin .. I was on BP before so I started using the BP and the AHA the same day and no irritation at all ! They tell you to wait so your skin gets used to the BP and thus limiting the irritation.
  5. I was in the same boat as you. And I have more acne products than one can even imagine. I also was trying to cut back on what I was buying, and trying to find something that I really liked. I am currently using dan's BP and the AHA+. Both are really good products. The BP is so gentle and effective. The AHA+ leaves my skin so smooth and clear. I also did worry about the hassle of ordering, and paying for shipping which is pretty expensive. But if it works, and I can get rid of all my other produc
  6. Yeah this happens to me too. Just try to wait a good amount between applying the BP .. like 10-15 minutes. Then apply the AHA and wait another 10-15 minutes before applying makeup. try to use a soft makeup brush and avoid buffing too hard on your skin.
  7. Try pure Lemon Juice. If you look at the reviews for it on the site, soooo many people claim it got rid of their acne/discolerations pretty fast
  8. This product does work for me. Of course it does not control my oily skin completly for a really long time, but it does keep my face looking less oily, set my makeup and keep it from smearing and changing into an orangy-foundation mess. Check out this link on makeupalley.com (if youve never heard of this site you should really check it out... it has reviews on basicly every product known to man) http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev...imer/_Corrector ^ Here is the link for this product
  9. I don't know how to use the quote tool but -- I've never once been able to find ANY medical literature at all stating that the skin works that way, that it attempts to control dryness by regulating how much oil is produced. Until somebody can provide some sound medical evidence for that weird theory, I'll continue to assume that it's just another amusing Urban Myth. ^Okay, Bryan, here is an article about oily skin from WebMD, a trusted medical site. "Oil production is nature's response to irr
  10. i was just about to reply with the aspirin and honey mask. click here for step by step directions --- http://www.xanga.com/RiceBunny/567728185/a...tiful-skin.html this mask has really helped my acne, and is so cheap too!! I also use the burts bees pore refining mask with green clay. i have oily skin and this helps a lot. go to www.makeupalley.com to read reviews on masks!
  11. Theres actually a product that does what youre talking about i think...I use this product to set my makeup. I found it at ulta for about 30 bucks. It's called "Makeup Finishing Spray" by Skindinavia. It claims to lower the makeup surface area to prevent makeup from sliding,melting, and color loss. http://www.skindinavia.com/web/makeup-finishing-spray.html Take a look !!
  12. Question.. will anti-androgen's help oily skin???
  13. omg, that happens to me too! Well atleast the dry skin under my eyebrows. Its weird its like flaky skin under my eyebrowns its so weird. Im not sure what it is though
  14. Yesss! I breakout so bad in the winter and fall and once it starts getting warm out and in summer i get so much clearer!
  15. I use Duac in the morning too. The reason you are experiencing the stinging/burning... which i have experienced and it is quite painful... is because you are using too much product on your face. try using as little as possible and spreading it out as much as you can. Also, make sure you are using a GENTLE cleanser on your face. Try Purpose Cleanser. Im not sure about the whole face becoming more oily with duac... i dont notice a difference, i have oily skin all the time! but maybe your skin is w