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  1. Thanks Leanna. I'm using that exact combination too. It was in duac which was the only topical that ever worked but they don't have that in uk anymore so I have had to get panoxyl and clindamycin separately. It sucks though. Both kind of smell, sting and are expensive. Long term usage can't be good for the skin. I think accutane is the better long term solution, even if I have to wait a year
  2. Wow you took a lot more than me. I took 30mg, 30mg, 50mg, 50mg and then 60mg and 60mg! It equates to 1,2mg per kg. I really think a year to wait is too long. I haven't come across anything that explains the science behind waiting this long. You can even get scar surgery after 6 months! I just don't want to have to use benzoyl peroxide forever to control my breakouts, as it's really strong stuff that does not do your complexion any favours if you use it for years on end.
  3. I finished my first course of accutane 2 months ago. I wasnt on a large enough cumulative dosage (1.2mg per kg) over the 6 month period and I started breaking out after days of coming off the treatment. I went to see my derm who said she cannot prescribe me with a second course until 12 months have lapsed. she said this was according to the british association of dermatologists legal rules! obviously im very disappointed as the topicals arent working. does anyone know if what she said is tru
  4. Good luck. Just make sure you are taken off it when your skin has been completely clear for one month! I came off it too soon and now my acne is back and I've been told I have to wait 12 months to go back on it! I honestly don't know where 12 months comes from. I think it's nonsense from overly cautious dermatologist that just want to get everyone off their books!
  5. So around 2 months post my 1.2mg per kg accutane 6 month course and I'm getting pimples everyday. I count around 10 today. The only difference between pre and post accutane is that I no longer get cysts or spots on my back. Althoug I'm expecting them to come back in a few months. The isotrex gel hasn't had any noticeable benefit so I have asked for duac, but that isn't available due to manufacturer problems so got to revist doctor to get something else. Had the most frustrating time with t
  6. If your still breaking out at the end of your course the chances are you will continue once you finish. Well I did anyway. I'd advise you stay on it for a bit longer unless you are happy with minor breakouts. I came off too quick and am breaking out again
  7. Bacne takes the longest to cure according to my derm and also is a sign that you will struggle to completely out acne into remission even with accutane. I would suggest continuing your course until you go one whole month without any spots. Particularly if you are scarring.
  8. Hi, I was on roacctuane for 6 months, it cleared me up well, but got a few pimples here and there even in the final few weeks. On my final visit to the derm, she said she usually wants patients to go one whole month completely clear before taking them off treatment. I was however very eager to come off and so she let me. Now 4 weeks off treatment and I am breaking out everyday with tiny pimples. I am so surprised because I would go weeks without having a single spot on accutane and yet only
  9. So I had a visit to the derm earlier this week. She said 15% of patients relapse and didn't seemed concerned that I was getting minor breakouts. She prescribed me isotrex gel, which is the topical form of isotretinoin, and asked me to use it for a month and then to come back and see her. I'm quite confident this will do the trick as my spots are really small, and only popping up around cheeks no where else. If this doesn't work I'll ask to go back on duac which I believe to best the most effecti
  10. Sorry to hear that. Did you take a minimum of 120mg per kg? And would you not consider a second course?
  11. Well 6 months of living with accutane and a cumulative dose of 120mg...only for me to be off it for only 1 week and see my acne return. I'm getting 1-2 spots a day. Today I count 6! The ones on the face are tiny, hard to see unless in bright light, but I've got a cyst on the back, and regardless I was promised clear skin. How can it return so quickly? If it continues at this rate, as my oil comes back it will be worse than it was when I was on a topical. I am hoping that it's just my body read
  12. So happy to be on my final month. The side effects have been minimal.. Dry lips ( manageable with Vaseline lip therapy - this is the best much better than any crappy Chapstick like dr dans which didn't help me at all), thinning of the hair, although this could be coincidental, it's not easy to tell as I haven't had significant hair loss, but my hair is very dry. My scars seem to show up a bit more especially by end of day, but think that's just normal. My mouth gets really dry, in the morning
  13. Skin is great. No new spots, just a couple of fading scars. Other than that completely clear all over. Need to improve diet and take daily zinc supplements to be doubly sure of no new breakouts and help scarring. Can't believe how little side effects I have had with this drug.
  14. Still get one or two spots here and there... Cyst from end of feb still apparent..albeit a lot smaller... Will take another month to completely go but will leave a permanent scar... Have a minor few spots at back of neck..otherwise completely clear.. My complexion still not great..not sure what's causing this, probably just lack of sunshine and bad diet! Got derm appointment this week, expect to be pushed up to 70mg.. Hopefully will see spots completely vanish from here on in, although I would h
  15. Big cyst on cheek taking ages to go... 2 and half weeks and counting Got another large spot and 2 minors on jaw Rest completely clear.. Hoping I won't be getting any spots when this treatment is done Lips really dry and becoming annoying now as mouth gets really dry too.. Hair is thinning quite a bit - don't know if this is just a coincidence