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    Movies and poetry and my favourate poet is Maya Engelou.
  1. I see you counting all sorts of products but have you tried accutane? (this is what almost everyone on this site would recommend).
  2. nothin much just... ACCUTANE CHANGING MY LIFE!!!!

  3. Hey whats up to you 2, cool 2 hear from you.

  4. The cost of accutane depends on which country you're in. coz around this side it costs a fortune.
  5. [quote name='EddieE' date='Jul 25 2008, 03:50 PM' post='23621 actually i was getting clear even with my job.. till my face got oily. could be proactiv solution? cause fish oil and canned salmon are great Does Proactiv really work? coz it just got shipped recently to S.A and what are its Pros and Cons? coz I once used Skin Free which is similar to Proactiv and I brokeout realllllly badly.
  6. Are you on accutane? coz if you are you shouldn't scrub or exfoliate(see insert in packaging) . Scrubing and exfoliating is for non-acne sufferers coz I also use to scrubb(Neutrogena exfoliating cream with microbeads) it made my skin dry yet full of outbrteaks and as soon as I stoped it my acne became managable.
  7. I agree with you totally, coz I once tried it and it worked for 2days after that my skin got burned,it opened my pores hence I have holes on my cheeks . So Kewlfewl DO NOT TRY IT!!!!
  8. Yep, It works like a charm and it saves you money on having to buy a weekly musk.
  9. I also use 2 in 1 nutrogena. I works wonders it fights acne and oil gently without drying the skin.
  10. vaselline beats chapped lips, u can also expect sawness around the edges of your nose.
  11. Yes you do get worse coz after I started I had a severe breakout, I even wanted to quit but my derm said thats how accutane works it just gets all the pimples out. It worked for me eventually, I am clear now.
  12. cool im in durbs..

  13. Hey a fellow South African i see :) not many of us here it seems. Where bouts u from?