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  1. Dan, I can confidently say I was not misdiagnosed. Both blood tests and skin biopsies were done to rule out everything from lupus to skin cancer. A complete history was taken by two of the dermatologists I saw (one being a leading dermatologist in Manhattan). I specifically did not exchange the information between dermatologists because I wanted an accurate diagnosis. I'm not one who really trusts doctors, so I didn't want one to simply "yes" the other. Even after both doctors and my family medi
  2. >>Michelle, have you ever considered going back to bp to rid of the acne rosacea? Not if you paid me I tried to continue using bp after the acne rosacea symptoms started (because I thought I was just having acne breakouts) and my skin became worse and worse until I could not let bp even touch my skin due to burning. >> How long after you stopped using bp did you notice your skin getting worse? I stopped using bp because I could no longer tolerate it on my skin. I did not volu
  3. Yes, the FDA did unanimously vote to keep bp over the counter -- with package instructions. The FDA allows ibuprofen to be sold over the counter, but you wouldn't take 15 Tylenol at once to get rid of a headache, no matter how bad the pain (at least I hope you wouldn't!) I doubt serious side effects would occur if the package label instructions for bp are followed, but that is not what this regimen is recommending. You are specifically telling people to disregard the instructions for a drug.
  4. That is fine, you do not have to agree or disagree. I wanted to share my experience and what I have learned after talking with different dermatologists and with the FDA re: bp usage. I understand that some studies have not proven the potential dangers of bp; the quoted studies mentioned above did not involve continuous overdosage for extended periods of time as recommended on this site. The amount of bp recommended on product labels is based on the quoted studies; however, this regimen is tell
  5. I was using 2.5% for the entire time. I never used anything higher because my skin would dry too badly when I tried. And please remember, even at 2.5%, it's still a carcinogen.