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  1. We've been through this before. MASTURBATION. DOES. NOT. INCREASE TESTOSTERONE LEVELS. And saying testosterone doesn't affect acne...sure it can, during puberty or with steroid use. But it has more to do with receptor affinity for androgens and whatnot than sex steroids themselves. Or more often than not some people have a defect in the skin where sebum does not rise to the surface properly. So whatever. Okay...now ya got that? Now unless you're doing facials on yourself while
  2. Mahahahhaha...I can't believe this thread is still going. I finally get to these boards after being out of commission for a few months....and still see this here. Wow.
  3. If your doctor gave you minocin with accutane, he is a fucking moron. There are documented cases of deaths of people that used both in combination. They BOTH increase intercranial fluid retention, and with sufficient quantity of accutane metabolites it can be deadly. I have used both before, and it gave me near crippling headaches.
  4. Androgen related acne usually appears on the chin, jaw, and outer contours of the face. Stress related acne appears on the forehead and nose, usually.