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  1. it's been happening for a month now..i should have called my doc sooner..oh well..i am gonna go see her on wed..thanks
  2. i have been on accutane for a month now...and i have been bleeding really really bad in stool..and it hurts as hell..i have an appointment on wed..is it really serious?? has it happened to anyone else??
  3. vitamin E oil broke me out.. i m sorry this is a stupid question but what is emu oil?? i've been putting aloe vera gel mixed with 2 drops og jojojba oil on my face and i love it.. i was thinking to purchase 20% salicylic acid peel..i had that done at my doctor's office once and ended up paying big bucks..
  4. ( omg mine are so bad that it looks like they are not scars but acne.. one of my friends went "omg look at ur face u r breaking out like crazy" and the truth is they r not acne they are just scars (
  5. hi i will be going on accutane soon..so my question is does it help fade the scars/red marks??
  6. omg do not change ur foundation to mac specially if u r loving minerals..i was using MAC studio fix fluid, i've been breaking out ever since..so bad that i have to go on accutane..the studio fix powder adn the studio tech arent so bad..but i m back to my Bare minerals
  7. i've been taking doryx..it waorked like anything in the beginning..but stopped now i guess my body got used to it..my derm gave me coupans too..if u go to www.doryx.com they have rebates..so i've been getting it for free :-D
  8. hey everyone..i m new here.. i m so fed up with my doctor..he prescribed me for accutane but then he forgot to put me in the system a month earlier..so it wasted soooo much time and now i have to wait for another month to get started..how can they be so irresponsible?? i so want to change my doctor but then i cant afford wasting anymore time..i m soooo ashamed of my ugly acne ( just thought this is the only place where i can take my frustaration out since i knwo people will understand me her