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  1. Ageing is controlled mainly by a single gene. They have managed to turn this off in mice and other animals to increase their lifespan 4 or 5 times over what it would naturally be. And I agree with what you've put above about your mum having oily skin - if you take 'tane and remove all these oils then surely your skin will age?
  2. It makes your skin look older, at least in the longer run. Short run obviously your skin looks good, but wait a few years and it will look older. IE age quicker.
  3. At 19 I had a round of 'tane. 60mg/day for 4 months. Side effects were really dry lips and eyes, and bad cheeks. However, by the end of month 2 my skin was compelety clear, and stayed that way for about 4 or 5 months. 2 years later I am starting round 2 of 'tane just to clear up what has come back. The drug does what its supposed to very well imo and I have (atm) no regrets of taking it.
  4. So ive ended up with a second round of 'tane. Not because my skin is bad - im surprised she gave me it, but because im off on holiday and dont want to take lots of tubes of cream with me. However, ive been given 30mg for the first month, and then 60mg for the second. This is a fair bit more than I wanted to use, I wanted about 10-20mg/day over the whole course. My skin is nowhere near bad enough for 60mg/day, imo. Do I self medicate at 20mg/day and adjust it from there, or stick to what shes s
  5. Anyone used it? Apparently its a combination of topical 'tane and an antibiotic, but I aint herd of it before? My acne is not too bad, and responded very well to oral 'tane first time round, hoping the topical version does the same. Info from people who have done it would be appreciated.
  6. I think you would be lucky to get a second course with just that. If its when you shave try changing the razor blades. Looks like that sort of rash you would get from old/blunt blades. Mine has done the same as yours, but is currently (3 months after the end of treatment) much worse, some big red ones have appeared. Luckily managed to get an appointment with my derm in only 4 weeks, and will hopefully get a second dose at a lower rate, fingers crossed. Quick question though, do I have to have b
  7. Mine has just come back about 2 months after treetment as well. Im on Differin cream (adalpane or whatever its called - a retinoid cream anyway) but think the reason is my job. Im a farmer and at this time of year are always hot, sweaty and covered in oil and grease. Would be sexy without the spots. Do you think its best to ask for another course of accutane? I thought they only gave it out 6 months after the previous dose? The stuff on my back and chest appears to have come back more, but my fa
  8. Im on 60mg/day of accutane for acne, but it dosnt seem to be getting rid of any of my blackheads which have become more visable since beng on it. In the first week or 2 they almost all dissapeared, but have since come back on my upper cheek. They dont look like the normal ones you get on your nose, but I have a few of them as well. More like a very shallow blackhead? And they seem to be almost un-squeezable!! Any ideas what they are and how to get rid of em. Been on acctuane for about 3 monhs no
  9. I woldnt worry about it, the latest Roche leaflette says nowt about not drinking. It might not be advised to get rat-arsed, but 2 beers on an evening shouldnt harm. So far, so good for me anyway.
  10. If youve had it for 3 weeks why do you think that you will suddenly get side effects now? If you had already shown signs the fair enough, but I wouldnt worry...
  11. In 3 years you'll look back and thank god you had accutane at 16 and didnt leave it til you were 18/19.
  12. To give my point of view; im a 19yo m, had acne since I was about 14 I think, currently in my 3rd week at 60mg/day. Kept on some trimethoprim tablets I had left over from my previous treatments until yesterday, (22 days of accutane + trimeth.) So far no major breakouts, had dry lips week 1 and 2, mainly gone down a bit now but I always carry some vaseline with me the same. Acne has cleared up really well, very pleased with results and wishing I could have had it earlier. I still go to the gym tw