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  1. Well, I layered the stuff twice and it didn`t burn at all.Only stang little bit.Downtime was about two weeks, because it took almost a week before peeling started.Skin peeled off many days and now I can already wear make up..Please ask more, if you want.Please tell me, when I can do this peel again??? Before the peel I used only aha-cleanser and after I moisturized with antibiotic cream.
  2. Oh no..Why can`t I load after pic...Some problem..I have tried to minimize a photo, but still nothing.
  3. So it has been three weeks since I did Tca peel and I am actually quite happy with results.The scars are still there, but not as noticable as before as you can see.I want to do this peel asap.How much I should wait?I am still looking awful under bright light, but I am so happy, that the scars became almost unnoticabel in daylight.So I can`t wait to do the peel again. So the first photo is before peel. arpinen.bmp arpinen.bmp
  4. My skin is still peeling and I have some kind of erythema..What does this mean?Have I ruined my face .How to get rif of it?
  5. My skin is peeling slightly off, but the peeling is nothing if you compare it after laser resurfacing, so the results can`t be very good.maybe i will repeat this peeling after several weeks and layering more...Now I layered twice.At first I put the stuff on my skin and let it for two minutes, then I layered again and let it again for two minutes..How long can I wait before layering and after layering?I think, next time my skin can tolerate more.
  6. I did the peel in saturday and now the treated area is itching so much , but it is not peeling yet.The skin feels somehow leathery and like suntanned..I am very impatient right now, because the peeling hasn`t started yet. I am just waiting to get another peel after several weeks.
  7. Well, I bought the staff from ebay. but the sellers feedback was 100% positive..Today the treated area is little red, like sunburn and my face is itching..Let`s see,what will happen..or nothing at all..Is it really so, that if you put to tour face tca 18%, it will burn like hell, if the stuff is proper?
  8. Well maybe I did something wrong, because there was only little burning sensation and some redness, but no frost at all and after two minutes I layered once, but still nothing :I followed the instructions carefully.What shall I do now?How soon can I repeat this peel?Maybe the peel is not strong enough for my skin.This is first time, I put tca peel for my skin.Maybe next time I will put more tca..Please give me some advice, thanks
  9. Can anyone help me, please I ordered from Usa tca peel 18%.I am breastfeeding and the stuff is not recommended while breastfeeding.I want to do the peel as soon as possible, but I don`t want to quit breastfeeding.I wonder, if I can use my breastpump and throw the milk away(because I don`t want to stop milk production) and after the peel continue breastfeeding.After how many days can I safely continue breastfeeding?I am so happy, if someone can answer.I have acne scars on my cheek and now it is
  10. My skin looks bad in direct sunlight.I am also avoiding subways because the lighting there shows every imperfections 100 times worse .My skin looks ok only in candlelight and in disco.
  11. Thank you Wynne for your kind words.My husband says I am beautiful and doesn`t see my scars.It is so hard for people to understand , how does it feel, when you see only your scars on the mirror.I think only someone who has/had scars can understand the inner pain.We had terrible spot light on the bathroom and I replaced it because I got so horrified every time I looked in the mirror.Do you think tca peel won`t do anything to my skin?I have TCA 18% at home.