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  1. Can you please tell me about some of the side affects you are having, if any? As i am going on the tablets in a week and quite scared of the of the things i have been told.Cheers
  2. can you tell me what you used for your scars please?
  3. Thats really weired after i have a cup of tea with three sugars i break out the nent morning.Maybe it is the sugar?
  4. Thankyou will trt this asap sounds goodx
  5. I m soooo sorry your still going through it after all this time.Can you please tell me if roacutane worked atall? cheers
  6. I didnt even know you could wear makeup on top of acne ?can you please tell me what fondations you have luck with and what not please im 21 and cant even enjoy anight out with the girls without geting really down.{acne ruins everything}
  7. thanks for the support :D

  8. Hello im new and am waiting for roacutane on medication can you please tell me about the side affects.Cheers
  9. Hes ovbiously a controlling low self asteem txxx. Hes scared of losing you so puts you down so your low like him, Keep your head high girlx
  10. Keep your head high mate no ones perfect..