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  1. clean and clear products suck!!!!!!!!! the natural way is the best... commercial products helps out with acne for the time being, but in the long run RUINS our face. when our face starts to get worst, what do we do?? we buy more of there products. DO WASTE YOUR MONEY ON COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS
  2. urine therapy way work for some and wont work for others. two weeks of experimenting with this made my face look soft but broke me out!!!! although urine is sterile. it aint completely. my doctor told urine is a last resort, one time deal type of natural medicine. you can use it for stuff like jellyfish stings. but on your face?? urine still carries bacteria. and for those of you, you drinks it, you gotta be cautious because bacteria starts forming within normal room temperature...
  3. hey bfg..is it all right to use other topicals in your reg...for ex st ives for the first part of the reg?? or do i have to use oxy products only??
  4. i've been trying to add salicylic acid to my regimen is it ok to use salicylic acid with differin .3%
  5. ive used the normal acne free system. it made my face look like kool aid. it did though cleared my skin to 75%.
  6. i had sex and masterbated at least 3 times a day when i had clear skin!! i dont have sex anymore and i hardly masterbate. Now i have mild/moderate acne it sucks. there havent been any improvement on my skin since. i dont think its linked. my personal opinion...plus orgasm relieves stress..
  7. i have oily skin. after applying bp my face gets dry and flaky. whats the best moisturizer out there for oily skin?
  8. dont try it.... if it works wonders like they say they do. why not stock them in stores? i hate tv ads
  9. i dont think its linked man. masturbation relieves stress haha. thats what i think.