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  1. your so hot xD

  2. whoa. that's really, really, really cool.

    *is jealous*

  3. well I've been pretty clear for the past month. I'd say 95%.. one small pimple here and there but that's it I was really happy til now.... today is my girlfriend's birthday and I have dinner with her and HER parents.. and HER friends which I haven't met.. and I broke out for the past 2 days! HAHAHAHAH HOLY SHIT this is so....... I just laugh but inside I'm very down. I don't mind what her parents think.. they're nice people... but her friends I donno.. they're going to think "what the heck wh
  4. go do the doctor and they will give you some powerful stuff, natural supplements don't kill all of the parasites don't worry the medicine is not harmful
  5. too much calcium and too little magnesium will cause kidney stones so just balance it congrats for your success!
  6. hey lI used diacneal for 3 months a while ago. I used to put quite enough to cover the entire area (clogged cheeks, and jaw) I would spread it over til it's even. sadly it didn't help too much with my black heads.. maybe I needed more time but I decided to quit since it was summer and that product makes my skin more sensitive.. good news is, it helped me got rid of the cyst I used to have on my upper cheeks.. and also it got rid of red marks very fast.
  7. combo msm with vit C.. get rid of your marks faster! and also don't touch!
  8. holy shit milk tistle, you could've died. That's so but so irresponsible from that first doctor glad you're alive
  9. eat meat, all you want. the cleaner the better though. We are humans, not horses or bulls ..for god sake.
  10. Yes, refrigerating a new bottle of any product rich in unsaturated fatty acids is STRONGLY recommended, but for extra insurance, I would also add some BHT and ascorbyl palmitate to it. For example, I do all that whenever I open a new bottle of cod liver oil. BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) is a powerful synthetic fat-soluble antioxidant that's widely used in foods, drugs, and cosmetics. Amounts as tiny as 0.05% (that's NOT 5%, that's only 5/100 of 1%) will help provide powerful protection aga
  11. I wouldn't worry about the sugar in apples... unless you eat like 10 at once
  12. are you a bull? does your digestive system works the same way as a bull's? do you have the digestive system of a bull? edit: are you expeting we humans eat all day grass in order to be healthy as a bull?
  13. what do you mean by healthy? veggies? they are not meant for that milk, lots of eggs ( forget about cholesterol, egg doesn't affect your blood cholesterol)
  14. hey Lili, would table salt be good enough or does it have to be any special salt? and how much is good? I don't want to overdo it
  15. doesn't diet improve your immune system? also, what about people coming from Asia to America and they get acne. is it due to stress of a different lifestyle (sleeping late night, environment..)? but could also be diet.