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  1. Day 67 I'm into my third month on the stuff. I switched my headings from "Pill #" to "Day #" since I am up to two pills a day for a total of 80 mg a day now. Before switching to the higher dosage, I noticed that my body had gotten used to Accutane and I was no longer feeling side effects, but I also was getting some small break outs. Now that I am on 80 mg, I can definitely feel the side effects again. The first day I had a huge migraine, and I have been feeling really achy and sore. I feel l
  2. Pill 55 Dang, already? My two month check up is this Friday. I have a feeling my dosage will be upped. My skin has worsened since my last posts. No more cysts (thank God) but I have had quite a few pimples in my old trouble areas around my mouth and chin. They are painful. I blame my lack of self-care in the week before last and the beginning of last week with finals. I got a 4.0, though!! My hard work payed off, but now it's time to give my body the rest it needs. I'm sure my skin wil
  3. Pill 42 Wow, time flies! Skin has been awesome, except for two cysts. I haven't had a cyst for weeks and I forgot how painful they are. I have one on my forehead and one on the very bottom of my chin. Pretty annoying. Otherwise, things are fine. Just super, super busy with finals so I have been taking terrible care of myself. That's probably how the cysts came back... Going on a road trip tomorrow...I'll update when I get back!
  4. Hi there! Just saw your comment on my Accutane log and thought I would reply here. I waited far too long to start Accutane. I was terrified to get on the drug, but so far my experience has been well worth it. I am only just over a month into it, but am having surprisingly fast results. It was hard getting used to at first but I would do it all again for how it is helping my skin. The initial break out wasn't worse than anything I was experiencing before. Just do your research and sto
  5. Hi there! I have been following your story for a little while now since you are ahead of me! Looks like things are going great for you. I have a question for you-- Any suggestions for dealing with red marks from previous acne? Thanks and good luck!
  6. Pill 36 Not much new to report. Looks like I have one little guy popping up on my chin, and I have about 4 little healing guys. I call them little guys like they are my friends...no way! Anyhow, I know that I have definitely not been taking good care of myself lately. I hardly had anything to eat yesterday and haven't gotten enough sleep or water the past few days. I have three portfolios due within the next week and a half, so that on top of work and my social life...eek! Also my little
  7. Yeah, that is pretty amazing. It took me nearly 4 months until I was completely clear. By clear I mean no active zits, whiteheads or blackheads.
  8. Pill 34 Hello! Here's a quick little update. I went to my derm on Friday and got a prescription for my next month's pills. He is keeping me on 40 mg a day and I will be on this for 3-4 more months (for a total of 4-5 months), depending on how things go. He wanted to make sure I am doing OK with the headaches. So far I am fine as long as I am taking care of myself with enough sleep, water, and healthy food. My hubby and I had dinner at a friends house on Friday and apparently one was on Ac
  9. Pill 29 I just had my dermatologist appointment and am about to go to the pharmacy for my second set of pills. My face is clear and I am feeling positive. I will be on this for 3-4 more months, depending on how things go. I am staying on 40 mg a day. I have been getting a lot of compliments on my face. As far as side effects go, they have been worse since my last post, but manageable. Definitely worth the results. I have been extra dry and skin has been itchy. Also, I have been very ach
  10. Pill 25 Not much to report. Face has already almost completely cleared from my break out last week. I love how fast I heal up on this stuff. I just have one tiny white head right now and the healing blemishes from my break out. Things are going pretty well...I switched over to Aquaphor for my lips and I love it. At home it's easy to use, but at work it's hard to apply with my finger because I work with money and therefore have to stop and go wash my hands each time I put some on. I will j
  11. Pill 24 I haven't updated as much as I have planned, but hey! So...I think I had my "initial breakout" last week. After rejoicing over having only 1 pimple, I think I got about 6 or 7 more, mostly around my mouth and chin. I've been bad and picked them a bit, but they are clearing up now. Feeling dryness even more now. My lips constantly feel dry, even after I have just applied chapstick or lip gloss. Time to break out some Aquaphor? Last night and this morning I blew a lot of dried bloo
  12. Pill 17 Let me just say I am so glad I didn't get off this pill when I had a few head aches at first. I have been having hardly any side effects and my face is getting so clear! The dryness is totally manageable and worth it! I feel so confident. I only have one painful, red bastard cyst on the side of my nose but I can deal with it because I clear up so fast on this medicine and the rest of my face looks great! I had a few drinks this weekend, but feel OK. I just need to be careful not t
  13. Pill 12 Hello! Well, I haven't updated in a while because things are going along smoothly! My headaches and nausea are almost non existent. I realized that this drug just amplifies any unhealthy choices I make. As long as I am getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, not eating too much unhealthy food, my body does fine. My skin is clearing up! A lot of people have noticed. I have about 4 big bumps that stick out from under my make up right now. I am very content with my skin becau
  14. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and for the encouragement since you are a couple of weeks ahead of me! I took my 5th pill today. Sounds like it's going really well for you so far. Hope your side effects go away. :)