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acne is so bad

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  1. okay im so sick of red marks on my face. i almost have no more acne now. ive spent so much money on products which dont work. i want instant results so im going to book an appointant to get a chemical peel or Microdermabrasion. has anyone done either of them? and are they good? did u see instant results? because im not paying $100 to do it and not see any improvement!!!
  2. are these cysts???? they are small and are size of zits and they dont hurt thattt much unless i squeeze it or push it. but they dont have a white head either. are they cysts? but they leave redish brownish marks everytime!
  3. i still have some red bumps on my face but i have so many marks wat are they? how do u treat them and when will they go away?
  4. acne is so bad

    help me!!!

    What kind of scar is it and how do i treat it? When will it go away!!