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  1. ahhh man i'm just wondering if i did sleep early and drink water and not soda, if my acne would go away completely with this regimen or if this is all i'm going to get from this product...
  2. Hello everyone. In February I posted on this forum with severe acne (at least in me eyes) Back then I was using proactiv and tried a few prescription medications. None of them were really that effective, and proactiv actually made my face worse i'd never recommend that'd product to anyone. Frustrated I saw this product called acnefree at cvs and the reviews on acne.org for the product were pretty favorable. So i decided to give it a try. I started this regimen in april and took one month of
  3. Well since i've posted this I haven't stopped using Proactiv. Still not sure if there's any improvement. Got the mild soap lined up just incase i think i wanna use up this bottle of proactive instead of stopping cold turkey. Anyways my sister recommended I use this: Esoterica She said it helped clear up her acne scars and she has pretty much flawless skin. Just wondering if i would be able to use this with proactiv or if i'd have to stop using it. The only active ingredient it shows is Hy
  4. is that what you did Kuhoolish? if so how long did it take?
  5. well i try to avoid sugars as much as i can and maintain a good diet but as far as vitamin supplements ... no. can you recommend any? also i'll look into the mild soap. I was reading up on the DKR or w/e it's called and i see it worked for a lot of people over the course of a year... I think i'm gonna give proactiv a little longer to see what happens but I'm really doubtful it'll do anything to help my situation. Someone recommended dermabrasion or something like that to help get rid of t
  6. oh my god.... it worked! wow man you have some real patience and dedication sticking so well to that regimen. paid off though... i don't even see any acne on the day 318 pics!! congrats ! I'm currently using proactive now but you make me want to switch over. take a look and tell me if you think the regimen you're using is for me also. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=187086