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  1. I guess I'll give my personal experience with Benzoyl Peroxide. I have used dans bp for about 3 years now if I remember correctly. It was the best thing i had ever tried and was much more effective than anything else i had ever used. But i recently started noticing some alarming characteristics of my skin that werent present 3, or to my knowledge even 1.5 years ago. I started using bp once at night only instead of twice a day about 8 months ago. What ive noticed is an incredible increase in my
  2. Just wondering if the new AHA bottle has started shipping out or if the old ones are still being sold?
  3. How much are you going to sell it for? Are you going to put it on ebay? Not going to do ebay. I know it puts your mind at ease to have that kind of guarantee but I cant afford the costs to list it on there. I completely understand but you would just have to trust me. I've been on the forums for quite a while. Anyways, I was thinking about $32. That would save you all of the shipping costs which are about $11 for this item.
  4. I have an opened, but full 16oz bottle of BP that I'm looking to sell. I can't stand the stuff bleaching my clothes anymore and I don't want to let a 32 dollar product go to waste. Let me know if you're interested. I'll make you a deal.
  5. You seem to be missing something. 55 percent is not a minority. Nobody ever suggested removing the bottles, just adding the tubes. The tubes offer a great value (the travel size treatment has a 50 percent premium) and a more sleek and manageable form factor. Dan, what do ya say?
  6. Fact Check: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Tubes-vs-...ml&hl=tubes 55.90% of users want the option to have the products in tubes. Tubes are much nicer for traveling and because the regimen takes a good 15 minutes they can be carried around easily if you need to multitask.
  7. We now have the AHA and SA products in 6oz tubes. Everyone seems to agree with the packaging and an overwhelming amount of users would love the option for the old BP tubes. Why not just put BP in the already existing 6oz tubes?
  8. I think it could definitely be a little lighter. It doesnt seem to absorb extremely well for me and is very tough to spread. Are there any updates on the SA?
  9. I'd say the moisturizer is the best product behind the cleanser... but that's just my opinion.
  10. A quick update. I am now sticking with this method of applying AHA. Adding a few drops of Jojoba makes the AHA application much easier. I have not noticed any decrease in effectiveness since beginning this about 2 weeks ago. Some advice I can give is to add less Jojoba then you would to your moisturizer. 1 -3 drops should be sufficient. Using too much AHA will cause pilling, but using the same amount as you would without Jojoba works fine. So use the your normal amount. There are two downsi
  11. Well I tested it out for a few days and my results have been pretty spectacular. Mixing in about 6 drops of Jojoba with an applications worth of AHA makes it incredibly easy to administer the AHA. It glides on your skin with ease and leaves no residue. I have not noticed any reduced effectiveness so we'll have to wait till the manufacturer gives you guys the final verdict. The only downside is that the scent created when mixing the two is a bit overpowering. Other then that its an outstanding di
  12. A lot of people have been mentioning how difficult it is to apply AHA (including myself) due to its thick consistency... has anyone tried adding a few drops of Jojoba to it and then applying. Im going to give it a shot and I'll post the results afterwards.
  13. I think there would be a decent sized Acne.Org market for SA Dan. SA does something that neither AHA or BP do, it clears the entire pore and does an outstanding job at it. It also seems to work better then anything else for certain skin types. I think one of the goals of this site should be to identify what products work best for certain skin types, because they all dont work equally as well on different people. I would be the first to buy the SA. Maybe you should start a poll to really gauge ho
  14. Hey, I just started using the AHA and I have a terrible time applying it. Dan says that he uses it in the morning but I try that and it all balls up and falls off. I havent tried using a tiny amount yet but I am skeptical as I have a hard enough time making the amount I use now cover my entire face and it really isnt that much. And I dont even have a chance of getting it to fully absorb with a layer of BP on. Hopefully this was 15 bucks down the drain.
  15. Im a little confused about the purpose of AHA. Is it a treatment or a moisturizer? Will it minimize blackheads and shrink pores?