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  1. Thanks All! Things are going well - I am feeling a little dry but not too bad. this is mostly from the benz. I started eating a lot of salmon which seems to help with the dryness. I have no visual pimples right now and redness seems to be diminishing.
  2. I've heard that these are good for acne (they're also good for everything else! as they contain every amino acid your body needs...) Does anyone take these as part of their skin care reigmen?? For the last month I have been taking a TBSP of cod liver oil and I have really noticed a difference. My skin is not dry but it is not icky oily either...just really moisturized. I've also been eating goji berries (my mom gave me a bunch) and don't know if they help too...just wondering!
  3. Hello Everyone! Wow I have been looking for a forum like this for a loooong time. I'm 30 and look about 16...partially due to my youthful looks (ha ha) but mostly because of my acne!!! I just saw a crazily expensive but well regarded dermatologist yesterday and am now going on her regimen. Here it is.... below I will post my questions and hopes... Morning: Wash with Exfoliating Cleanser - or water if my skin is dry. Apply Benzoyl Peroxide Apply Sunblock and Moisturizer (if skin is dry) Ta