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  1. i just wanted to do a little storytelling for you guys, because i know how hard it is to get your mind off of your acne. I also want to use this blog to do something other than whine about myself. I feel better when i write, and if i can make someone else feel better, by making them laugh, or just by helping them not focus on whatever is making them sad, that would make me feel really happy. im just going to start talking about some warm memories of mine. most of them were from my c
  2. i really cant believe this three headed monster cyst is on my forehead. there is a quarter sized bright red circle on the surrounding skin too. so i have this big red spot and three painful bumps clustered together. i have crater wounds on top of each bump too. i would be happy if at least i got to have a nice explosion of puss from one of them, but NOPE. NOTHING. im really horrible, this morning i woke up from last night's picking episode and you'd think id finally just
  3. leaving this space open for people to comment their go to spot treatments, tips on getting rid of zits (big or small) quick, any overnight fixes, any secrets to getting the soft chubby cheek baby face skin we all had when we were born.... oh, how i miss those wonderful days as an infant. how about you?
  4. i am back and angry i have the most painful huge zit on my forehead like THE most painful fffffffing thing ever omg so i've been getting these weird blackhead pimples (a bump with a blackhead in the center but the blackhead DOES NOT come out and theres no puss) that are super weird and literally IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of. so, i noticed like two of these little blackhead bumps and so i tried to squeeze them because the blackhead looked like it was going to come out but of course
  5. i am in search for a new cleanser, and i need your input, please help me! im looking for a cleanser that has either 0.5% salicylic acid or less than or equal to 5% benzoyl peroxide. something without harsh chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate. no oils (other than tea tree oil). no silicones. no dyes or fragrances! something that is gentle, maybe some botanical things in it like green tea, or chamomile id appreciate. just anything you guys have used that f
  6. hi, i never noticed your comment until now, i sincerely apologize. ive used benzoyl peroxide, the 10% one from clean n clear, and it actually helped a little in the beginning, but then after two months of using it, i started getting larger bumps in areas i didnt normally get them in. i dont know if the acne.org one would be any different, thats why ive been hesitant to try it. i kind of feel hopeless at this point because ive tried salicylic acid and it left me with many small bumps and weird te
  7. hi. weird things are happening. god, i have so much to say... but im just so tired of it all ok so, long story short ive developed geographic tongue over the last few months because i burned my tongue really bad back in january and it just has been crazy ever since. if u dont know what GT is, its a condition where your tongue has these patches on it and for some its not painful, but for me it is. there is no known cure and doctors still dont really know anything about it... which.
  8. hello bryan, i really appreciate your comments! i am sorry that youre going through this, but i am glad to have made you feel less alone... im also glad that there is someone else who understands
  9. Hey people i have to refrain from using words like b*tchez n f*~k because ive already gotten two warnings from the site ok so, i had a good few months. started eating everything again. gained 20 pounds. yes. 20 pounds, which i am not the least bit upset about. I wanted to gain weight, and i felt so good these past three-ish months because of that. Ive been genuinely happy, eating whatever the f**k i wanted. now this week, i guess i over did it... let see, three nights ago i ate.
  10. so since i am super anal about my skin, i've collected a multitude of products over the past year, 99% of which i did not even touch- because im too afraid to use it! so im going to list the products i have in my bathroom cabinet, and you guys let me know what to give a try, and what to throw out. aztec healing clay mask paula's choice BHA 2% liquid (had this for 10 months, the most i did with this was smell it) clean and clear benzoyl peroxide 10% cleanser (not that
  11. so i was washing my face with benzoyl peroxide 10% for a few months, and noticed in that time that it cleared up my skin in this first month, but after that i began to develop larger cystic acne while i was still using the product..... i dont really know why... anyways i stopped using it altogether and have just been using witch hazel only on my skin for about a month now. if u read my past two blog posts, i said that im going through a breakout, and i guess i have to use something t
  12. i am just so tired. of living. but i dont want to die, i just want to be happy. but i dont know how much more of this i can take. how much longer until these tears become faded memories and i would have completely moved on, if i knew what i should do differently, if i knew why this keeps happening over and over, like a broken record for 10 months straight... do you know how it feels to have every waking moment, for 10 whole months, be about your acne? maybe
  13. i never thought i'd be feeling this way again. i really dont know what the [censored] is going on with my body. i thought it was getting better and then just drops back down to the first flare up i had 10 months ago, which was so bad, and made me feel so [censored] disgusting. this familiar feeling, this familiar sad, horrible, stone in my throat feeling, i never thought i would have to feel again. wow, i am so freaking sad. does anyone know any good products that hel
  14. hi. so its dec 31 its funny, i was fine this morning. and i had plans with my boyfriend, not actual new years plans, cause i wanted to spend time with my family- he invited me out with his family to this restaurant and yeah, i wanted to go, but id rather stay with my family-- anyway, we had plans to hangout a little during the afternoon and early evening, but then he just wasnt responding to me and i was just sitting in bed, all dressed up and ready to go, and he was M.I
  15. Intro/ramble: hi guys so its been a while, im back with another research topic because i'm just curious and want to brainstorm. ok so. the times i break out are two days before ovulation and including ovulation day, and about a day before my period. i always break out in the same spots, too. (spots, ha, get it, nvm). so im currently ovulating and i have a pimple right in between my brows, and my skin feels super sensitive and just really soft, but not in a good way, like m