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  1. the title pretty much explains it. and pls read n answer the question at the end. i picked at that monster cyst and now i have this huge fleshy wound. i did manage to pop it and pus came out. but the cyst, as i described in the previous entry, was oval shaped which led me to assume it was two zits merged together kind of like siamese twins. it was a siamese zit. this wound i have now clearly shows where exactly the two zits were, they're like two circles. it scabbed over in this shap
  2. lizuca10

    this hurts

    i have a very painful, deep cyst on the side of my forehead. its very oddly shaped like its not circular, its more oval like and not rounded, it is super weird. im kinda annoyed. it really fucking hurts and its huuge. im going to refrain from picking it or trying to pop it cause i KNOW that will wreak havoc. whatever. im over it. anyway, i spent the entire day working on a research paper for my english class. this professor is so fucking rude when it comes to grades, she
  3. so i returned that eridikate bullshit. it literally did absolutely nothing. i can see it working on reaaaally tiny surfaced whiteheads, even just popped whiteheads, i can see it helping with the inflammation or whatever, but it did nothing for my small cyst or any papules. ~i went to sephora and exchanged it for a black kat von d lipstick (which im wearing in the photo below) and im not sorry about it at all.~ hehe oh, and by the way, i got bangs. it was last tuesday, an hour before
  4. lizuca10

    Jessica Jones

    Thank you! and yes, the redness did go away after about two days so it was fine but i thought it would last a whole week thats why i was freaking out! and do you use hydrocolloid patches on fresh zits with no head, more like papules? those are the types of pimples i get, and i feel like they wouldn't work on it.
  5. i went to sephora yesterday and bought the eradikate spot treatment. it didn't seem to do shit. after my monster zit last week, i thought, okay, now its over, i can have a peaceful week this week. but history repeats itself, doesn't it? every time i finally get rid of one zit, a new one appears. literally every [freaking] time. would you look at my last week's entry on where i say i "woke up to a zit"... that was last tuesday and today is tuesday, and i woke up to a
  6. so i used a hydrocolloid sticker on a spot and when i took it off, it was fine, but later on the skin around the spot, where the patch was also sitting on top of, became red. it doesn't sting, its just red. it looks ridiculous. its just a red circle in the center of my forehead. it was like this all of yesterday and this morning too. i think its cause i left it on for a while, and it may have ripped my skin off a little when taking it off cause the adhesive is very sticky. i tried putting
  7. its friday. i really dont want to go to school. the red circle on my face from the hydrocolloid is still there. sigh. im gonna make a forum now and ask about how to get rid of redness/ marks. i just covered it with makeup even though it made me cringe. yesterday i wore a beanie to cover my forehead, and to be honest i look so bad in hats. like, i feel so uncomfortable. ~but~ at least in college you could wear a fucking sombrero in class and no one would tell you to take it off. in hi
  8. oh, interesting. do you just keep applying it on the spot, and does it get smaller and go away if you keep applying it? also, i gave it a try the other night, i just put a small amount on a smallish-medium zit, and when it completely dried, the dapsone had turned this rusty/ brownish bloody color. it was super weird. is this normal? do you think the one i have is expired or something
  9. lizuca10

    im hungry

    i've been hungry for 8 months. i wont allow myself to eat anything for my fear of breaking out. i mean, then again, my breakout has been lasting 8 months.... i should just get bangs and eat a bowl of cheese and melted dark chocolate. mmmmm and dominos pizza.... papa johns cheese sticks and hot wings with BLUE CHEESE.... MMMMMMMMMMMM fucking HOT CHEETOS ON A TOASTED BAGEL WITH CREAM CHEESE FOUR CHEESE MAC AND CHEESE, HOMEMADE LASAGNA, OH MY GOD i miss it so much.
  10. okay one: they don't [freaking] work. and yes i tried it on the "right type of pimple". i used the peach slices brand. two: they left a red ring around the pimple, which is in the center of my forehead. LOL. not going to lie it is a little bit funny. guess i'm just gonna have to wear a hat today, again. i tried covering it with makeup but i don't wear foundation all over my face, i only spot apply a little bit of concealer, and this red area is just way too large for me to cover with
  11. okay so this is my sleuthing blog, dedicated to the immense amount of research i have done regarding hormones, gut health, bad habits, etc, all relating to skin. i dont really know how im going to format this blog, i guess ill just add new entries as i learn something new about the body in relation to acne formation. now to start, im going to be talking about contraceptives (i have lots of experience with this devil) ______________________________________________________________
  12. thank you for your insight, i will research creon and see if ill give it a try. i have dapsone at home but i never used it cause i thought it was like a retinoid- and im scared to use things like differin and stuff- but ill give dapsone a shot too. the thing with me is that before my breakout, i would eat every junk food, and a lot of it too. id eat cheese and chocolates and greasy fried things and my skin was literally perfect. after i started breaking out, i thought that i should cut out
  13. so i'm considering getting bangs. i've been considering bangs for a while because of my acne. i do have a phobia of things touching my face, even my own hands and hair, so it would be something......new. *mentally screams at the thought of hair grease staying on my forehead 24/7* but i've been experimenting with it in the mirror, i don't think it looks bad, i just don't look as good as i think i look now, hair wise. i really do like the way i style my hair now. i think its r
  14. i have one class this morning. obviously i dont want to go, i am dreading it. im just going to wear my cap to cover my face. its not going to make me feel any better though. i just feel so fucking tired. last night after i wrote my first three depressing entries, i made myself draw and write in my journal. i found that it did calm me a little, and made me forget about crying and hating myself. because the reality is, i dont hate myself. i do love myself, a
  15. ive been crying for 8 months straight. this is the third entry for tonight, i am just so tired. i remember a few months ago i was feeling this way and i tried to get in contact with the national suicide hotline. i waited for an hour, never got connected to anyone. i really needed someone then. maybe i need someone now. i just dont even know how i would attempt to describe, to a therapist, the fact that my depression solely exists because of my acne. the fact that i have self harmed a