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  1. i havent had an active pimple on my back since september, but these red marks wont go away. i went to my derm last week and he said for one treatment of IPL it will be 500$ wut do u guys think??
  2. ok so i had a huge outbreak of cysts on my shoulder are.. in december of last year.. the zits completly stopped coming on the last week of august (no idea y. i use to have them everyday and i didnt get a new one since then. The red marks are now completly flat, and may have flade a slight bit, but i still have about 30 red blotches on my shoulder,, how long on avg do they take to go away?!?!?
  3. Well im on my 7th month of accutane, and have about 3 weeks left. Up until now i have had 0 side effects except dryness. The last 2-3 weeks i have been having this very strabge feeling in my body. I don't know how to explain it. Its just i feel very sad for know reason. My face is 95% clear, my back is kinda bad still, but im happy with the results. Is it possible that I could be having depression this late into treatment?
  4. I don't think a qualified dermatologist would prescribe Accutane to a person to get rid of their red marks...
  5. im on my 2nd month,, first month-40mg 2nd mongth-40mg.... ive cleared a bit,,, but do u think 40mg is aneoigh for someone 180 pounds
  6. the picture on the top ;eft is day 1 of tane,,,the pic at the bottom right is day 30.....I know u will all think "o it doesnt look that bad", but i think its just the lighting,, my face is completly smooth but i just have left over red marks that have litterally been there for months... The one patch on my cheeck has been there since november... any things i can buy? that will ehlp
  7. Ok the first 15 days of accutane my doc gave me minocycline to take with it,,, by day 15 my moderate acne honestly was almost gone,, i was shocked,, on about day 18/19 I broke out bad,, I went from having maybe 2 small zits plus redness to about 12 or 13 zits on my face,,,, ANyone else have an initial breakout around the 15th-20th day? Anyways im on day 27 now and the breakout is finally slowing down
  9. ok Im on 40 mg of accutane a day, the first 15 days everythin is good,,, a little dry lips and i acually noticed a little clearing,, then on the 15the day I noticed the foreskin on my penis is extremly tight,, when i tried pulling it back ir just hurt. I thought maybe it wood go away but im on day 20 and it still is very very tight, to the point where even if i move my foreskin a bit it hurts. Everything is extremly dry. It doesnt hurt when i pee, eveything is normal,, but please tell me someo
  10. im on week 3 of accutane on 40 mg a day, and i noticed that the last 2 days my lips have been getting dry,,,,,but i also noticed that the foreskin area of my ,,,,,,,, u know wut is also very very dry, to the point where it kinda hurts sometimes? anyone else experience this?