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  1. I have tried Alpha Hydrox 10% creme and DDF's 10% glycolic lotion. Both are really good, but I love DDF's. I use it twice a day with their 10% glycolic toner.
  2. I absolutely love DDF products. They have saved my skin. They are more expensive, but they are well worth it. I use the 10% glycolic toner and the 10% glycolic moisturizer. I just started using the 10% glycolic gel with SA instead of the 10% glycolic moisturizer. My skin is pretty much 100% clear. I usually just go to Sephora and by them there. I have never used their BP products because glycolics have cleared up my skin tremendously.
  3. I just wanted to check back in with the thread. I haven't had much access to a computer over the last few months because mine gave out for some reason. I know some of you emailed me and I couldn't get back to you. Anyway, I am happy to say that I have found an even better AHA lotion than Alpha Hydrox. I still really like Alpha Hydrox, but DDF's 10% glycolic lotion is amazing and even better. It is pretty expensive, but I think it is well worth it. I am 100% clear and my skin is really even wit
  4. I also LOVE DDF's 10% glycolic toner. ALso, I love their 10% glycolic lotion. I have tried nearly every glycolic acid product, but this toner and lotion is the best in my opinion. I didn't like MD Forte's very much. My skin has never been clearer with these two products. Since I started using them together I have not had one new pimple and my skin is so soft. Both products are pricey, but it is well worth it. You can purchase them at Sephora. I used to have awful dryness, flakiness, and peelin
  5. I have been using MD Forte for about two days and I am impressed with the product so far. It is very simillar to Alpha Hydrox to me. I like the wash, too. Since I have been accustomed to the 10% for awhile, the slightly higher concentration has been nice. I was a little dry yesterday and today, but I just peeled and I was left with even softer, hydrated skin.
  6. I just ran out of Alpha Hydrox, so I decided to give MD Forte a try. Also, I wanted to see if there was any difference with a slightly higher concentration. Last night I tried MD Forte for the first time. I use glycolic acid morning and night. I washed with MD Forte II cleanser. This cleanser contains a 15% glycolic compound, which I think is about a 12% glycolic wash. You apply the cleanser to dry skin, massage, and wait about a minute. I then rinsed normally. I felt just a little redness and
  7. Hi Jonny, I know what you are going through. The same thing happened to me in the beginning. You are right, you are dry because you are about to start peeling all the old layers of dead skin. I know it may look and feel weird, but probably within a couple of days once the dead skin comes off, you will see a big difference. I was really dry, too. Once the dead skin comes off things will be back to normal. It sounds like we have simillar skin because not many people on the forum have been dry or
  8. I have to say that I experienced what seemed like an increase in oil production, too. It is very interesting that a few days ago this seems to have stopped. I really don't know why this may happen. I have been on glycolic acid for almost six weeks and I think it may be due to the initial clearing out phase. My pores now seem to be invisible in certain areas and red marks are almost gone. I think the oil production may slow down once the pores are clear. A few weeks ago I bought those oil blottin
  9. I agree with you that glycolic acid takes a little longer initially to see results. I think smoother skin everyday is the short term results. It does take a good two months for me be 100%. However, it really has been a solution for me after the initial period. When I use BP, I get instant results because the acne 'dries up.' However, for me it is an endless cycle becuase I keep getting acne and cystic acne. Same thing with SA. The glycolic acid is a slightly slower initial process, but once ev
  10. That is really good that use SPF 30. I have been to places in the western part of the U.S. that the sun feels completely different than it does in New York. I have to be careful with the sun in tropical climates, too. I am on day 40 of using the glycolic products. I have noticed a sudden even greater improvement in the last couple of days. My skin is really bright and even softer. I know what you mean when you said your skin appears "shiny." I experienced this, too. It isn't a bad shine, thoug
  11. I wouldn't feel discouraged. Glycolic acid products take time, at least two months to see the full results. I have to say for me the initial period seems to take a little longer than other treatments that i have used in the past. However, once I am through the first couple of months, the results have blown away anything I have used in the past. I am on the fifth week right now and my skin is super smooth. Everyone is different, but I have found it takes me two months to be 100%. I had some pur
  12. The products look really good. I am a fan of using a 'system' of glycolic products. Many lines, such as Md Forte and Aqua Glycolic use a few glycolic products at once. I don't think it is bad to do so, it probably will just step up the exfoliation process so it will declog and smooth quicker. This is just my experience, so I am not sure factualy, though. If you are new to glycolic products, you may just want to use one product at a time at first to get accustomed to it.
  13. 1. I was thinking about the stinging issue and I think the only reason my face would sting when I apply the creme is because I used the 10 % DDF toner before I applied the creme. I think you are right because my skin was probably stinging due to the ph being off, not because it was exfoliating. If I don't use the toner, my skin doesn't sting. I really don't think the skin should sting. If the lotion is properly ph balanced, I think there shouldn't be a stinging issue.
  14. Hi everyone, I have been using AHA for about a month and nearly all my red marks are gone. My face is so soft and smooth. I am still working on one spot that I had before I started with AHA's, but it is ok because it is fading really fast. All I can say is things just get better and better with time with glycolics. I also wondered why glycolic acids are not more popular for treating acne. I think that it is so highly popular in the anti-aging arena, but I think it basically serves the same pu
  15. Hi, I would say it was mild to moderate acne. I would have some cysts that would appear, too. I would also clasify my acne as being stubborn. It wasn't terrible, but it definetly needed help. I used to use Alpha Hydrox all through this past summer and I didn't have one red mark, or one zit. I also used to get a lot of compliments on how even my skin looked. The only 'negative' thing for me is the initial period. It does take me about a good four weeks for me to get completely clear because of