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  1. Thanks for the tip LionQueen. I will look into Vivant. I really, really wanted to like Green Cream. I think I am one of the few who just doesn't respond well to it. I finally realized that level 3 was best for me, but even that caused too many breakouts. By the way, if it wasn't for your posts on mandelic acid, retinol, etc. I would never have made it to this point. My skin went from being bumpy and full of flesh colored bumps and blackheads to a brand new complexion! So a big, big thank y
  2. I haven't been reading the boards for months now but I thought I should come back and report my success. I had really frustrating hormonal acne (often cysts) and lots of blackheads and whiteheads that wouldn't go away. I tried supplements (DIM), hormone treatment (progesterone) and even modifying my diet. That helped but didn't resolve the problem. Here's what worked for me. Can't say it will for others. *Gave up on the supplements - helpful but not something that was a good long term solu
  3. DIM worked for me. I have been taking it since February. I now have clear skin, and I have experienced many positive benefits from DIM that are not related to acne. I have not noticed a decrease in the efficacy of DIM. I now take Puritan's Pride DIM because it is cheaper. I am also using all natural progesterone cream 12 days of my cycle, and I am so pleased to report that the AWFUL hormonal acne and cysts that I was dealing with are now long gone! I haven't had a cyst since mid-March. I
  4. I have had good results cleansing with jojoba oil (very cheap at Trader Joe's) and using Paula Choices 2% BHA and Alpha Hydrox Night Resq as topicals. The combo of the jojoba oil to dissolve blackheads and the power of BHA and retinol is a great routine. There are threads on the effectiveness of BHA + retinols on this message board. I have tried all these things individually and together in a regimen. My best results have been to layer them. (Wash, apply BHA and let dry, apply retinol at ni
  5. I am on my second cycle with progesterone (I use it days 12-26 of my cycle), and I am definitely noticing a difference. I am also taking DIM and other supplements. The combo of DIM + progesterone cream has really changed my overall health. My acne is nearly stabilized, no more cysts, and my general well-being has not been this good in years! I am doing better with PMS symptoms, foggy-headed feelings, low blood sugar, sleep, emotions, hair thinning, hormonal acne, water retention and difficul
  6. Update: The combo of DIM + my supplement routine of fish oil, vit. e., alpha lipoic acid, daily multi, and psyllium husks is making a HUGE difference with my hormonal acne. I also exercise 4-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes, eat a healthy diet based on fruit, veggies, protein and low carb, drink rooibos tea (this has made a different for me too). I am on my second cycle of using progesterone cream in addition to DIM. The combo of diet, exercise, and hormonal balancing through DIM & proges
  7. dura-luxe, I am so glad that DIM and a low-glycemic diet are working for you. I too got cysts for the first time when taking Ortho-Tryclyclen. That stuff was evil for me. It took my body months to recover from that. Years later, after a acne-laden pregnancy and breastfeeding (and as my hormones went through massive changes), the cysts returned. It turns out that I have been unintentionally eating a low-glycemic diet for years - I never cared for breads, carbs much and tended towards fruit
  8. jane23, I am sure why you are so concerned with my diet. I don't think you read my initial post on that closely enough. I mentioned I eat lean protein as well (I forgot to mention veggies which was a simple mistake nothing more nothing less). I didn't go into specifics but I also didn't think you would be using me as a "classic example" to quote one of your earlier posts on what was wrong with how people eat. Also, not sure why you are so concerned with my use of DIM. If you read my earl
  9. DIM is anti-estrogenic - it helps the body metabolize excess estrogen and increase the production of progesterone. Why is is called anti-androgen by some on the boards? Can something be anti-estrogenic and anti-androgen? Also, are there any studies that have shown DIM looses efficacy over time? Based on my reading it seems that scientific studies support its success in more long-term health goals like balancing hormones, reducing the risk of cancer (especially breast cancer which is linked t
  10. dura-luxe, Do you use progesterone cream as well? Just curious. Glad to hear DIM is still helping your body balance hormones after a few years on DIM.
  11. Hi Jane, I have been taking DIM for over a month now, and my skin keeps getting better and better. Granted, I am not treating it like a miracle pill, but my hormones were truly unbalanced and the assistance of DIM to better metabolize my estrogen and INCREASE my progesterone production has been priceless for me. Changes in diet and exercise had NOT been able to do this. I guess I am not ready to say that DIM is a "pill or potion" that won't last. I haven't seen or read enough data to co
  12. So I miss a few days on the board and I come back to find my diet is the cause of a very interesting discussion about food quality, ethics, and overall health! Jane - thanks for your concern about my diet. I read so many conflicting things about the relationship between dairy and acne. I don't have a dairy intolerance or allergy, but it seems like a lot of people have linked too much dairy to acne. I personally can't give it up and I consume full fat cheese and half-fat yogurts. I can't be
  13. Bunnylips - Big thank you for sharing your success with rooibos tea. Before I committed to buying the Republic of Tea version I bought Celestial Seasonings Rooibos tea for $2 to see if I responded to it. Well - I have been drinking the tea for 1.5 days and my oil production is down. This makes Rooibos a nice alternative to green tea for me since green tea made me more oily. Plus, I really like Rooibos as a toner. I have mixed it with a few drops of ACV and my inflammatory acne is no longe
  14. Dotty1, Thanks for all your research. I really appreciate it. It was because of your posts that I tried DIM, and now thanks to your work I realize I have a root cause of insulin insensitivity. I had suspected this but thought it couldn't happen to me given my diet and exercise regimen. I now realize that genetics and some other endocrinal imbalances have brought me to this point. Are there any science/chemistry minded people out there who could give us guidance on the insulin insensiti