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  1. Okay. You want to know how long does it take get it cleared up? Long time. We will see if we can make it a little faster. You need to apply retin-a cream. You may need to gently peel it using glycolic acid peel (be careful). You can see other posts and questions.
  2. Accutane should be taking only if you have sever acne. What is your wight and height? Low accutane is considered high for some people with weak immune system, shorter, thinner people or combination of all. You need to recover from this medication. You need to reactivate (inactive cells). I THINK You need to drink more water. eat different types of food maybe smelly food to waken some of your brain cells. Exercise daily. Wear clothes that make you feel happier. Moisturize your skin all the time.
  3. What makes you think this isn't acne? Maybe they are shingles. Try calamine lotion. it helps a little bit. Or go see a doctor. If they are shingles, the doctor will prescribe you prednisone.
  4. This is acne caused by the bacteria on this part of your body. You should see your doctor. I think your doctor we prescribe you minocycline pills and retin-A gell for three months. Also, you can check this post & post for more details. Thank You
  5. lots of works have to be done. For this kind of procedure, you should do several actions. Laser rays are effective to remove or reduce current acne, acne scar and pigmented skin but it is hard to tolerate. You will feel the excessive heat on your skin while and after the procedure. The results are really good, for those who are suffering from not only skin hyper-pigmentation but skin scars and acne. Other treatment is cheaper, is using salicylic peel. It is affordable for most people slightly di
  6. Remove old pigmented skin by laser or chem peel [removed hyperlink] monthly. Clean your targeted skin area by cotton everyday. Wear clothes that make you appear lighter. Makeup helps a lot. Sunblocker must be applied during the day (skinceuticals SPF50). You should apply hydroquinone cream (lower percentage is recommended for sensitive skin). Retin-A cream should be applied one time weekly to remove mild pigmented skin. Fillers help to remove and hide darker patches. Glutathione Injection fights