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  1. I remember somebody on here said that if you decide to stop taking B5 after taking a large dosage to gradually wean yourself of it as opposed to just stopping abruptly. As to the dosage, I have taken 5g for 18 months and it definately did clear up the very mild acne I had on my back and chest. Lately I have added 600mg of Pantethine acid and have noticed an even greater improvement with regards to the the odd breakout I still get. As I am 36 maybe the B5 really is not doing anything anymore
  2. Hi there I didn't even know there were even 1 gram pills. I think many might take 500mg as they are easier to find possibly. Either way makes no difference 500mg or 1gram only less pills to pop. Not sure about Pantethine Acid. L-Carnitine no idea about this. I cannot help you with Dan as I know nothing about Dan or his regime. As far as I am aware all B5 is pretty much the same. If it is not then I would like to know the better brand. The first week most people tend to begin 2-3 grams a
  3. I take powder form and capsule. Mix it with juice or water but it will still taste bad, maybe fresh orange juice will mask the taste better. Powder or capsule makes no difference you just need to take whatever dosage you are taking. So say you are taking 2.5grams 4 x a day. Then you would take 5 x 500mg capsules 4 x a day. All you do with powder is take 2.5grams and mix with what you like 4 times a day. Get a good set of accurate weighing scales that weighs in .5gram to 1gram. Or go to y
  4. How many grams are in each of these 4 pills? I can't find much information on that site. Seems they are out of stock too. The general advice is to take 10grams a day 5 x 500mg tablets 4 times a day so each dose would be 2.5grams. You can get pantothenic acid powder too, cheaper and absorbed better supposedly but tastes bad. That site you posted has flavoured powder. Along with this a daily Vitamin B complex and 30 to 50mg of zinc once a day ( zinc picolinate) is better quality. Start of
  5. Maybe your not doing anything wrong, maybe it just is not working for your skin type compared to others. B5 is not a cure and does not work for all people. The 2 weeks you mentioned could have just been a time when your acne was not so bad, we all have these times irrespective of B5. B5 has worked for me but my acne was very mild mostly back, shoulders and chest and I am 35 so the peak of my acne was long ago but the pesky hormones are still letting me know they are here lol. Maybe this is a
  6. Does Accutane have to be medically prescribed in the USA or can you legally buy it in a store or online? I remember when I was on accutane maybe 15 years ago in the UK and I could only get it from the doctor and had to have some blood samples taken as well. Michael
  7. Maybe it was something else or just coincidence. Some people have reported that when they stopped using B5 then return to using it that the results are not as good or it does not work at all. But the majority of these cases tended to be after longer periods of time, over 1 year or longer. I don't know any who used it for 10 days then stopped then began to use it again and it does not work at all. Maybe you should stick at it, a few months at least. Give it a chance results are not instant for s
  8. Hi "Tinmoore" We have a lot of questions but getting few answers here I too am looking at B5 to reduce oily skin, but what dosage?????
  9. NdnRomeo what makes you think it is not reputable product? Can you give me some names of what is reputable? How about RxOmega-3 Factors with 600mg combined EPA/DHA? Or Omax3 with 562mg EPA and 137mg of DHA? Thanks Micahel
  10. I was just wondering if this would be a good Omega 3 to get: http://www.simplysupplements.net/product_i...c4a1c8556f8471c It has 420mg EPA & 260mg DHA. Micahel
  11. Just a quick question. Is it recommended to take 2-3 grams of O3 and at the same time 5 to 7.5 grams of B5? Is anybody combining the two? Thanks P.S. Should th the 2-3 grams be spread out throughout the day or can I take all in one dosage? Michael