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  1. hi, i'm from sheffield too. I had subcision and isolagen with Dr Chu. But I am back on the scar journey. I intend to have another subcision followed up with some evolence filler. I am going to see my GP as I don't want to go down to London again for subcision. Do no derms do it here in Sheffield? anyway, nice seeing somebody from where I live.

  2. I had my subcision done by a dermatologist, although i'm not sure if all dermatologists carry out this procedure. You could always get in touch with one and if they don't do it they may know someone who does!
  3. Hi eyeboy, I had subcision done a few weeks ago and i can already see a difference in one very depressed scar. Its still visible but does not look as deep as it did before. I would definately recommend you have it done if you can find someone to do it. I'm from the UK so do not know of anyone in Australia, but just to let you know that i got mine done for free when paying for a derma rolling session. Good luck.
  4. I'm not sure about accommodation, but i had derma rolling done as well as subcision and i was extremely red afterwards. I managed to get on the tube back to the train station without anyone looking at me(I think!!!) Dr Chu will tell you that you can wear make-up the following day. As soon as i applied make-up, you couldn't even i tell i had anything done.
  5. I had derma rolling and subcision done a few weeks ago and am wanting to know how long i should wait before doing some needling?
  6. Can anyone recommend a good moisturiser for oily skin. I am currently using terproline under my make-up as part of my scar reduction routine and need a moisturiser that won't cuse my make-up to slide off by 11.00a.m.
  7. If you have questions about how to use a specific product from a specific manufacturer, ALWAYS contact the supplier/manufacturer. That is the only way you will get safe and accurate information about how to use the product.
  8. I use vitamin serum 20% that i bought from my derms office and i apply it at night about 30 mins before i go to sleep i usually massage it in so that it gets absorbed before i sleep. Its way to greasy and shiny to apply during the day especially underneath makeup I thought i read some where on here that you were supposed to apply it in the morning, but i'll try it at night. What brand is your serum and how much did it cost?
  9. I started to apply Vitamin C serum a couple of days ago after reading on the forum that it was good for scars. I have been applying it in a morning, but the problem is that it seems to be making my skin really greasy, resulting in my make-up sliding off and some minor break outs. Do you think i could apply this a night and terproline in the morning instead? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  10. Really!! I'll have to watch out for him then!!! I had to pay £100 for my terproline from him. Feel like i've been ripped off now.
  11. Hi querervida1, I don't know about needling, but i had TCA Cross done last Tuesday on 3 of my ice-pick scars. One of them was deep on my chin and already i can see improvement in that it is not as deep. Although it is still visible i believe with a couple more treatments it will have completely closed up. The other two on my cheek were not that deep and i think after one more treatment they will also have gone. Hope this helps!
  12. Can anyone recommend a good "collagen serum face mask"?