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  1. @Mirothanks for the link. Soo interesting. Especially about cannula sub and Genius RF. And Dr. Emil seems so competent and nice. Can't wait to see him.
  2. @kman101 yeah, that's what doesn't seem quite legit to me. Anyone with basic knowledge in photography will tell you that the photos look 'touched'. Different angles, different lighting and the before photo of the last post on Insta the scars just look soooo unrealistic.
  3. Hello I am still trying to chat with somebody who's had treatments with Dr. H. here and on Instagram but I haven't been very successful. The girl on Insta I wrote didn't want to talk about it. Here I got a couple of pm's from people who've had treatments with him, but no details as to what treatments exactly. I know that a lady with tethered scars had 0 improvement with him. And I wrote to a guy with bad scarring, also a current patient of his, but no answer. It seems as though nobody is ve
  4. Your skin has improved a lot. Congratulations.
  5. Is 1.5mm the depth that gives best results? Is it safe to use 1.5mm the first time or should I start with .75mm and increase gradually? Does the derminator help with scarred pores in your experience or does it cause them in the first place?
  6. Thank you. All the best with the recovery. Please let us know what results you got in 3 months
  7. @neofox aren't they? If he can achieve those results...but right now I've decided to wait and see. I just don't have enough information to make an informed decision and take the risk of such aggressive treatment.
  8. No, she isn't. Yes the doctor in London seems more interesting.
  9. For those who are interested in phenol cross I can tell you that the Skinmed clinic got back to me and confirmed that Dr. Boudny Frey was a dermatologist in their clinic and now offers phenol cross in her own new clinic Skin and Beauty. So, only one place in Switzerland offering phenol cross, unfortunately.
  10. Also good point. Can't Dr. Rullan do a Q&A on his chanel and explain that? :-)
  11. @Miromy thoughts exactly! If there are medical studies dating back to 2014 and 2016 that show that Phenol Cross is as effective as TCX but with less side effects like no scar widening, less pigmentation issues, then why aren't more doctors switching to Phenol? @superburritothank you very much for the info about the two doctors. I think travelling to Russia would be like travelling to the US for me, but the doctor in the UK seems interesting. Also, thank you for the studies about phen
  12. Hi my internet search on phenol cross in Europe so far yielded the following results: I've found two clinics Skinmed and Skin and Beauty with Dr. med. Clara Boudny Frey in Switzerland. They have learned phenol peels/cross by Dr. Rullan in various workshops. The lady doctor offers subcision and phenol peels/cross. I just wanted to share with you this information, maybe it could be of interest to somebody who is also more interested in phenol cross than in tcx. Also, I wanted t
  13. @SibelYeah if they did offer s refund they'd get literally no money in and that "big gun" toy would never pay itself!! Thank you very much for your insights about lasers and also deep phenol peels. I am new to researching the treatments and I'm literally jumping at everything that promises good improvement only to get disappointed after some more detailed research. :(( 30% improvement in the best case scenario after aggressive ablative co2 laser is not a good deal, especially if you co
  14. Hello, A fellow forum member mentioned that Phenol cross is safer than TCX as phenol doesn't widen the scar and causes less pigmentation issues. I have fresh indented scars and some raised scars too and I have considered having TCX once the inflammation is 100% gone. But now I am interested in phenol cross, more than ever . I've searched the forum but couldn't find any doctor in Europe who offers phenol. Can you help me if you know someone? I'd be very grateful. I can tra
  15. Sounds super. Apart from the scabs part. I wish I could do phenol cross too. Now that I've read that it is actually safer that tca cross, more than ever!! You are in luck you can get treatment with Rullan. Speedy recovery :-)