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  1. I personally do not have any experience in this area because im still on accutane but- to me it would seem completely logical and very likely that other medications would be more effective post-accutane because your skin is so much more sensitive after a
  2. ive been on accutane for 2 months and my face never got that dry it might have gotten really dry for like a day and that was about it so i dont think u should worry... i had little to no peeling and now i dont have any active acne- just lots of redmarks----they blow
  3. the red marks are completely killing me..... i had acne so bad that now i dont just hav red spots i have reb blobs that cover my entire jawline and my jeeks and portions of forehead.....all the acne is gone its just these stupid stupid red marks that are plagueing me
  4. i did that same thing as u in my first month but i was specifically told to take one pill in the morning and one in the evening
  5. i really dont know it could be perfectly safe but i read about it on the accutane website-- probably just because they've never tested it- thats the only reason i can think of-
  6. all i know is its recomended that you dont do it
  7. hey fiona I know exactly what you're talking about how it seems the battle has relocated ebfore i started accutane ALL of my acne was on my jawline and I am now on day 30 of my "experience" and now ALL my acne in is on my forehead or cheeks-- Just remember clear skin is in the future-keep ya head up---
  8. i just coughed up 479$$$ for 60 pills of 40 mg
  9. Since my skin is dry from teh accutane I have a problem that I'ms ure many others do too--When i rub in a regular cream type sunscreen it doesn't completely soak in and it makes my skin appear to be very very white and blotchy-- now i use a sunscreen by revercel its a gel so you just rub it onto to the areas you want to prevent sunburns and it soaks in by itself- it's also clear
  10. sotret has worked really well for me but they should all be exactly the same so there shouldn't be much if any difference between generics
  11. i know what you mean about itching like crazy!!!! it drives me nuts!!! after i come out of the shower it just itches insanely... and my skin isnt even that dry! i haven't found any way to stop it tho
  12. everyone has their own experiences but i used nature's cure and my acne did not improve at all if anything it got a little worse but then again it says you need to use it for 4 months to get full results and i only used it for 1
  13. how much acne was left when you finished? any?