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  1. Sweetjade--- I went today. She woman is named Esther and she is a "Licensed/Certified Esthectician." On her card it says she does a full range of facials, adult and teen acne, glycolic peels, dermabrassion, body wraps, body waxing, complete nail care and European dermocorrective skin care products. Basically today she sat me down and asked what my diet was like (I told her how great it was), then she asked me if I use soap to wash my face ( I said sometimes yes, sometimes not). She then told me
  2. A couple 6 or 7 day long bowel cleanses, 6 or 7 liver flushes, parasite cleanses, candida cleanses, liver cleanse and rebuilding, and diet.
  3. Hey Sweetjade. I found this place under the Facial Skin Care Spas & Salons, because I was frusturated and wanted to try a different approach to my teenage acne. She said that she would have to see me first to personalize what my treatment would be. She also mentioned that I would have to be religious in my treatment and that I would get great results. It is a "Skin Rejuvination Center" (a.k.a. a Full Service Salon). Since I'm a guy, it might feel uncomfortable...I don't know, but she said sh
  4. I am going to you guys for help ASAP.Hey All. I am 14 years old and have tried to cure my acne through cleansing., diet, and an overall healthy lifestyle for the past year and a half. It hasn't worked for me, and I have been psychologically stressed out. So finally, I have set up an appointment with a person at "Au Natural" (tomorrow at 9, so this is urgent) to do some work with my acne (I don't know if it involves glycolic peels or what?), but do you think this is the right step? What questions
  5. I need some help. For the last couple months, I have had chronic diarrhea. I got to the bathroom a lot and have small little, green, smelly, mucousy stools (usually with whole, undigested foods). (Sorry for the image) I put my hand in the toilet and felt my stool and it feels very mucousy. It's defintiely diarrhea. I need help. Here are some possible causes: -Parasites (it started shortly after using tinctures; but I stopped them and it persisted) -Supplements (i stopped all of them yesterday)
  6. Sweetjade--Can you reply to my PM? Thanks.
  7. Hello. I am 14 years old. Since about March of 2004 I have been following Leo Kiesen's program and his food guidelines. I didn't start eating strictly until September. I started food combining and losing a lot of weight. I went through series of bowel cleanses and liver cleanses, because my way of eating was destroying my social and emotional life. Right now, it seems like I am eating the same thing everyday, which could cause a food intolerance (to vegetables...would you ever believe?). I foll
  8. Here are some links to look at: www.ghchealth.com/doctors-leading-cause-of-death.html www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp/2003/10/29/ medical_system_is_leading_cause_of_death_and_injury_in_us.htm www.suite101.com/article.cfm/ chiropractic_health_care/64085 http://www.mercola.com/2004/dec/4/acne_solutions.htm (though I don't totally agree with his diet advice)
  9. First of all, I am a "he" not a she. Second, why are you on the offensive. Can't we have a logical debate on this? If you believe in doctors so much, why do you come to this holistic board? Have dermatologists cured your acne? I don't think dermatologists have cured anyone's acne to date. And no I don't believe there is a pill you can take that can cure any disease. It's quite a process to treat disease. Cure is a strong word. Anyway why would you say I am fucking up my body by eating good. I th
  10. I have been quiet on this forum for a while about BenK. In fact, I rarely post. But I must address him, because it's much overdue. BenK--I say this in the nicest way. Please stop posting if it is only mean spirited and has ABSOLUTELY no backing behind it. Points to address: 1) Diet has a role in every disease. The reason we have acne is because of our bad diets. While bad diets contribute to acne, good diets won't cure acne. Think of it like a car. If you put good fuel in it, it will run smoo
  11. Acne is caused by two things: 1) Hormonal Imbalance 2) Congestion and toxcity of blood and lymph systems Diet is one of the most important improvers of acne, but alone CAN NOT CURE ACNE! Here are some simple tips (though if you want to know what I do...I follow Leo Kiesen's acne program which is the best ever and even worth the price...natural-acne-treatments.com): -Steam or blanch stuff instead of frying or grilling -Eliminate milk AND SOY (yes, soy is an anti-nutrient)..Try making almon