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  1. wow painful stories. First of all, fluorescent light is used because it doesn't have to be replaced as much and it is stronger light, it is not necessarily cheaper I don't think though. It is probably brighter than sunlight since it is close to you, but it is a lot closer to sunlight than the household lighting is. Normal lighting makes everything better. But even people with no acne can look bad with fluorescent lighting because it really shows every pore in a way that most people w
  2. There is a prescription 8% BP wash for the shower that I use and it works pretty well. You can wash it off in the shower so it doesn't get your clothes and it still works for me (I wear white undershirts anyway though). Its not 100% but a major improvement. Its called brevoxyl-8 creamy wash.
  3. I want to make 2 important points: 1. All AHA is NOT Glycolic acid. Just because it is 10% AHA doesn't mean 10% Glycolic. Glycolic is harder to find and more expensive usually. I was using Neutrogena AHA at first because I had to order Glycolic off the Internet. When I got the 10% Glycolic it was MUCH harsher than any AHA I had used. 2. Glycolic is definitely the harshest part of the treatment. Do NOT leave this on for more than a few minutes. I say you should leave SA and Glycolic o
  4. Sounds like BS to me http://www.randywood.unfranchise.com/Level...fm?ProductID=28 its just 1.5% salicylic pads.
  5. I don't know for sure, but it seems that acnecured will just tell you to follow an extremely difficult diet and to drink lots of water. If you want to try that route check out waisays.com but it doesn't work for everyone. If you do it, don't stop using the topicals for a while.
  6. bump I know there are lots of products with AHA, but usually not Glycolic. Is Glycolic critical?
  7. Well in this case they probably wanted to make it prescription because if it wasn't people would see that it is just some vitamins put together and they couldn't charge so much for it. But in most cases, the drug companies definitely can make more money when something is non-prescription, its the doctors who are getting rich off prescriptions! Most people here wouldn't even go to a dermatologist if all this stuff was available to try OTC, its not like the derms ever have any magic knowle
  8. Funny thing is, You probably should have no mention of acne in the title, because some people will be embarrassed to be seen reading the book on the train or wherever, especially if they have acne also.
  9. I enjoyed reading this. Good idea for a book. Takes some guts but the more personal you make it the better it would be. Most people don't know the torment acne sufferers go through. People say things on these message boards that they never would in real life. This autobiography of an acne sufferer idea could definitely be an interesting book. Sorry I don't know any literary agents, but good luck, I'd like to read the rest. I could help you edit or proofread it possibly if you need
  10. If your derm really said this then maybe you need a new doctor! Obviously every drug company wishes their products were sold OTC, it is the FDA that determines whether they require a prescription. But agreed, it is stupid that any topical skin cream requires a prescription.
  11. Moisturizers can cause problems I believe. Moisturizers are water absorbent chemcials meant to attract water into your pores. Having this extra water and chemicals in your pores crowds the skin and puts pressure on your pores. Since you skin is dry, your body is trying to send sebum to the surface to moisturize, having this extra gunk in your skin increases the chance the pore will get pinched off and create acne. Having extra water absorbed by your skin creates pressure. Al
  12. The only thing that can't cause acne is fresh fruit and veggies. Cooked anything can cause it in some people. Dairy and wheat cause it in many people. Some people diet doesn't matter.
  13. If you are doing this, you should quit grain products and soy also, at minimum. Check out waisays.com I replaced milk with soymilk and I think I got worse. Hormones in milk and soy are the culprit.
  14. Weed does not make acne worse that is crap. Smoking has no effect it is all diet.
  15. Man I have tried everything but my skin cannot tolerate Differin & BP together, even switching off every other day, and only at night.(Flaking & too dry) I am tempted to try just BP because I know using just Differin doesn't cure me. However, as I have been alternating I definitely look better the day after Differin than after BP. I guess I will give only using BP a try before I go back to the derm but I dislike it because it is not clear like Differin. I'm also on Cleocin in the