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  1. People don't notice, they don't care. They don't mind if you have acne scars or cancer or three legs. People are way too busy with their lives to care about other people's scars. If they did then they would care about every health problem, ugly nose, unshaped/non muscular/ fatty body of other people etc and all these would eventually driven them crazy, made them incapable of surviving and the human race would cease to exist. I suppose you won't be able to get jobs where good looks are of number
  2. How you recently moved away from home and started cooking by yourself and eating rabbish food? Do you get vitamin supplements? Do you exercise? Have you started smoking? Are you older than 18-20 years old?
  3. Shallow scars do improve overtime with minimum or no intervention to the point that you can hardly spot anything anymore. I know because I can see the skin of my face on the mirror. No need to do exoderm for minor scars. Just one and a half year of no picking and some mild home peels, I did a year ago.
  4. Exoderm is a very powerful acid. About 68% of the people that do it get a face like the following, so be careful:
  5. Oh boy, this is really something. During the Black Plague in the mid 14th century, an epidemic that killed off one third of Europe's population, they used to percecute and kill people with acne! Because they thought, they were lepers! They exterminated all the lepers throughout Europe! They may had also killed all the acne sufferers too! Mad man: Die leper! (he keeps stabbing the acne sufferer with his dagger) Acne sufferer: No, I have pimples, not buboes. Nostradamus said that he had a visio
  6. Scabs are gone, actually I had scabs almost all over my lower lip. They were connected together and looked as one very big scab. Not just a scab, it was a scab with dried dead skin and it was very rough looking. I couldn't take it anymore, I saw lots people, looking at me and smiling, as I made them their day, someone saw me and said yiack, some thought that I had some dreadful disease and tried to avoid me. I took a hot shower, it loosened the scab and then I rubbed my lips together till the s
  7. It's been a few days that I have scabs on my lips. How long does it take for the scabs to fall?
  8. Thank you guys, I'll try to be patient and wait.
  9. I put some moisturizer.