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  1. I've struggled just as much as you tbh so am sticking with dr anil for now although I've only been looking in London and not the rest of the UK. No one here seems to use genius or even infini, they are quite behind compared to other countries.
  2. Never went to see her...
  3. What was the bad experience that you had with him?
  4. Depends how indented my scars still are in around 2 or 3 months time. I only had the 2nd subcision a few days ago. Yep some making progress, small but something. Can't expect miracles when it comes to treating acne scars unfortunately! Good luck
  5. There's always a choice I'm just giving you one option. Maybe there's someone better out there, the good options are pretty limited in London surprisingly though. I had one lump from nokor which faded after around a month and I used juvederm as the filler.
  6. Depends on what treatment you want, you said subcision, I'm currently seeing Dr Anil for that and I'm seeing some progress with it (only done it twice so far). Each time I could hear a lot of tearing of the bands which is good. I would try to avoid nokor needle though and stick to cannula. I got bruising and hematoma with nokor so just opted for cannula the 2nd time. I've emailed medispa before, they offer subcision too but are more expensive than anil and don't use fillers. Best to em
  7. Not sure why you're considering dr h as an option when there's a lot of negative talk about him in this thread
  8. All these drs in India have infini / genius and I cant even find one place in London that does either (by a dr) lol.
  9. Your scars have improved quite a lot imo! Keep massaging those lumps every now and then. It's only temporary stop worrying.
  10. Is it your first subcision? You cant expect miracles just from one treatment unfortunately. You'll need to keep repeating. Dont give up yet P.S. if you didn't hear a lot of popping and tearing noises while the subcision was performed then the doctor probably didn't do a good job and you should look for someone better. Although I'm not sure if it's the same when treating the forehead and temples, so maybe someone else can comment on that.
  11. Same thing happened to me, two scars wider from TCA, although I think scar widening can happen with any doctor to be honest. One has faded but the other is still there slightly. I also got an incision scar but it's also fading slowly.
  12. Have you seen him? What makes you think he does everything? Read the comment above this
  13. Maybe because he does laser? Lol. No one wants that (not me anyway)
  14. Sorry to hear that. Seems like most people from the uk are going to this guy! Hope it goes well