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  1. I’ve been posting this on different forums recently, You guys problem with these tiny plugs are coming from severe EFAs deficiency! Go get some healthy EFAs for god sakes!! Typical western diets are loaded with unhealthy omega 6s! But what about omega3s!!? You need a ration of 2:1 ( omega6:omega3 ) and you need it from natural healthy sources! Within a few days or weeks of upping your intake those plugs will fade-away just like they did for me You now can cure this problem by address
  2. Hello my friend, I’m so happy to be able to offer you the cure for your suffering. I had the exact same problem in my eyebrows and scalp all over my face. I had this condition for 1 year and half and it ruined my life at that time. But fortunately by accident I found out what is causing this in the first place! It’s not seborrheic dermatitis, you may have Seb Derm from before but this is completely different and has nothing to do with Seb Derm. Dont worry your skin will transform